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  1. Just take to a shop so they drill thru the whole brass piece, make a thread and screw in the valve. Check the seals on the whole thing and you should be ready to vacuum the thing.
  2. ogblaz

    [WTB] CPU Pot

    I want to replace my dimastech pot for something a bit better, like the inflection(not ek) or something from der8auer or kingpin... I am looking for around 100€ shipped to Slovenia. PM me with offer if you have something, Thanks
  3. ogblaz

    ASUS Commando

    The gain in volts was error, you gain 0,1V+ hurray
  4. ogblaz

    ASUS Commando

    Ok thnx for your help, i thought there will be more of a gain in volts
  5. ogblaz

    ASUS Commando

    I made this and i got a 0.05v gain is this all? Or should i check my solder. Also on the vdrop if a have it turned on 100k ohm i have a drop. To how much should i set it.
  6. You need to wait 90 days until you first register, after that time the clasifeids will open up to you and you can make an add what you need. Or your friend should open up that thread for you if he can. That is if you want the pots used. If you want to buy new you look at der8auer or kingpin cooling.
  7. Can somebody help me get past 1500mhz, start.elf i used from rpi forums doesnt work becouse i have 256mb ram version. I have some of ln2 left and i dont want to leave it to go to waste. PS: I already posted on rpi forums, if i also post here couldnt hurt
  8. I didnt found nothing for me for the past 3 months, i lost hope
  9. Saw one on ebay for 200$ located in canada. Have a look there. http://m.ebay.com/itm/261890210997?nav=SEARCH
  10. If the price is below 200e I am interested. I am from slovenia not estonia . What do you mean by authorities for r134a? I think that gas is avalable here in slovenia for everybody.
  11. Bump where you at Kio
  12. On eurosender.com the shipping price to 30kg is 36,99 ***8364; . If you want 150***8364; for the single stage we can have some kind of a deal here. Whats the mounting for, do you have a backplate and the whole thing? I would like a cascade but like you said shipping for that I dont know. Guys here in Slovenia order autoparts on palets 200kg and up and they pay around 100 for shipping but you need to find the firm who does this kind of shipping, there is a lot of trucks running around europe with empty space, you just find one
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