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  1. Any other users? I wouldn't mind compiling a thread with a guide, posts from other users, issues, etc. All currently unofficial and free to say/do what we want. So, anyone with links, post them here. Links to other threads, online guides, wisdom from other users, post them here, and I will begin to compile and order them. Any users can post here, lets get the discussion going in an (official) unofficial thread. Post link's to results, BIOS's, settings files, etc etc with anything pertaining to the z87/97/99? MSI *Power (OC Series) Motherboards. No I am definitely not employed
  2. I'm relatively new to the scene, but I'm starting a team/thread/club/whatever for users of the MSI z87/z97/z99 * Power series motherboards. No, I am not employed by MSI. So I and we are free to say what we want about the product, including hate on it if we damn well please. Although, I don't think this will be necessary, I am loving my new board immensely. This is more about productivity, suggestions, helping one another, showing off our rigs, etc etc etc etc. It's not so much about competition at the moment, it's more about a collective of individuals with the same hardware helping each
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