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  1. Thanks think tho with stronger cascade card Will do 1150+ core If I keep load at -100 and an better evap. Mem is not maxed out just safe.no nead to max out card yet.
  2. The card is cooled by an older cascade. The one of pic is bart x on cpu and is very strong. I can run 03 at 6.5ghz 9900ks with that one. Or 3dm 06 6.3ghz+ On gpu i have one with older Evap design but bypass valve for cbb (-83). Handy cascade but less powerfull. Built by piotress under s775 quad era. Card does 950/1944/1300 with chilled water. (-21 watertemp). Will update pics later.
  3. Pulse88

    Old VGA's

    Nice collection of cards. Many of them is Hard to find now a days with retail package or in working condition. God luck with sale.
  4. Thats right. 2-3 phase was just an idea. Think your design is a win when it comes to space taken. And would love it to scale upp in phases for more use areas. Many old gpus might only nead 2-5 better phases to be maxed out on core. And evga powerboard is to big and clumsy and overkill etc. Not to mention the rarity of evbot today. Best regards
  5. Nice review. Lets hope elmor do one with 2-3 phases version also. Love the compact design.
  6. -107 idle and -102 load evap. Its bartx 55mm one for better delta etc.
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