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  1. Thanks Tobias @Gtijason and kim55 The Bartx Cascade is very strong it can handle 18core 9980xe in 5.4ghz in cb 15 as an example. Must say 3dm03 has been fun bench to learn. But took alot of time.
  2. Horrible to read this. Thats adds up earlier threads against same overclocker. I Hate scammers, Have had my share of this before. But from Dimastech. Think its time for hwbot to take action. This seems to be an second atempt from same user. Sell Cracked dies go dark afterwards seems to be the red line. In your and Noxnites case. In Dimastech scam: talk get prepay and then stop responding. So times run by so refund gets impossible (paypal etc). Outcome found raiser here in hwbot for first time in history i guess. He clearly try to get in the dark so Paypal time span run out for buyer protection, My 5 cents for your case. Dimas did the same thing for me back then.
  3. Welldone nice to se someone to push eff on legendary platform and to try new things. This is what oc should be about, think and do outside the box from evryone else. Impressive for most of us in the oc community . :)
  4. I am smoking cigarr to celebrate the New year. Happy new year and God luck with sell mahuadi.
  5. Suppriced people still hang up with lcc level on Asus boards. Reality is this is an golden cpu that most likly does 1.29 ish volt on oc formula or dark boards for 5.4ghz cb 15. Most Asus boards nead lcc 7 to show real load voltage even at ambient. God luck with sale and happy New year.
  6. Its this cascade. Think it got tuned higher in the end before shipping. 400+ watts load over -100 and 450+ under -100. It has 55mm new evap can be used on Gpus. This unit was the pioneer of new evap design. Eff on win 10 is horrible. But cpu is good did 6500mhz low volts and realtime priority. Winxp and wazza may take off an good 30-40s
  7. Tested now the best cpu from binning 7700k delided with aio. The L639F998 batch. 5.43ghz cb15 1.46v with DMM. On asus Apex. Soon some cold testing.
  8. 4 cpus here on apex and aio undelided cpus. 4.5cache 3600mem and lcc5 on cb15 win10. 1: 7700k batch L639g011 5.0ghz 1.24v 5.1 ghz 1.32 85degres (load cores) not tested higher on aio. 2: 7700k batch L639f998 5.0ghz 1.2v 5.1ghz 1.255v 5.2ghz 1.32v 94degres (load cores) not tested higher on aio. 3. 7350k batch L650d430 5.0 1.4v 5.1 no go on aio 4. 7350k batch L650d431 5.0 1.27v 5.1 1.34v 80degres (load cores) not tested higher on aio. 5. 7350k batch l650d431 5.0 1.3v 5.1 1.38v 74degres (load cores) not tested higher on aio.
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