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  1. 4 minutes ago, ground1556 said:

    I've never tested actual current draw, but I recon a 2-3 phase setup could be useful for smaller GPUs, maybe x48 chipsets and x58 VTT rail (never actually checked current draw of that rail, need to test at some point). There are probably more usecases that I can't think off right away.

    Thats right.

    21 minutes ago, elmor said:

    Thank you for sharing your results :) The droop you see should be mostly due to the output sense location which is near C20. It could maybe be improved in a future version.

    What would you want to do with a 2-3 phase version?

    2-3 phase was just an idea. Think your design is a win when it comes to space taken. And would love it to scale upp in phases for more use areas.

    Many old gpus might only nead 2-5 better phases to be maxed out on core. And evga powerboard is to big and clumsy and overkill etc. Not to mention the rarity of evbot today. 

    Best regards

  2. Horrible to read this. Thats adds up earlier threads against same overclocker.


    I Hate scammers, Have had my share of this before. But from Dimastech.

    Think its time for hwbot to take action. This seems to be an second atempt from same user.

    Sell Cracked dies go dark afterwards seems to be the red line. In your and Noxnites case.  

    In Dimastech scam: talk get prepay and then stop responding. So times run by so refund gets impossible (paypal etc). Outcome found raiser here in hwbot for  first time in history i guess.


    He clearly try to get in the dark so Paypal time span run out for buyer protection, My 5 cents for your case. Dimas did the same thing for me back then.



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  3. On 1/1/2020 at 2:06 AM, suzuki said:

    I don’t know what you guys smoking,but what you set in bios is the real voltage.

    I like Mahaudi,i have nothing against him,i am actually inclined to buy this cpu as i have a shittier one, but this cpu will not do 5.4@1.28 on any other board(i have all of them).

    Llc6 is the closest to the real voltage,Dark with it’s llc system it’s a joke.


    Happy new year !!!

    I am smoking cigarr to celebrate the New year.

    Happy new year and God luck with sell mahuadi.





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  4. Suppriced people still hang up with lcc level on Asus boards. Reality is  this is an golden cpu that most likly does  1.29 ish volt on oc formula or dark boards for 5.4ghz cb 15. Most Asus boards  nead lcc 7 to show real load voltage even at ambient. 

    God luck with sale and happy New year. 

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  5. 4 cpus here on apex and aio undelided cpus. 4.5cache 3600mem and lcc5 on cb15 win10.


    1: 7700k batch L639g011

    5.0ghz 1.24v

    5.1 ghz 1.32 85degres (load cores) not tested higher on aio.


    2: 7700k batch L639f998

    5.0ghz 1.2v

    5.1ghz 1.255v

    5.2ghz 1.32v 94degres (load cores) not tested higher on aio.


    3. 7350k batch L650d430

    5.0 1.4v

    5.1 no go on aio


    4. 7350k batch L650d431

    5.0 1.27v

    5.1 1.34v 80degres (load cores) not tested higher on aio.


    5. 7350k batch l650d431

    5.0 1.3v

    5.1 1.38v 74degres (load cores) not tested higher on aio.

  6. Hello evryone have been working alot in this 3 weaks, So to be honest i have not have mutch time to be on internet or Hwbot. (work in the forest with bad mobile connection)


    I am Sorry of some of you dont think i am Grateful for all the donations. Iam very grateful for both the donations and for George and Bredans work with the foundraiser.



    I want to say many thanks to the community of Hwbot for the help from the Dimas scam. And for all the donations.



    Really nice to se that there are many people here that have compassion for others missery. Thats make me very proud to be a member of this community.


    If someone in the future will be affected of Scam i will support, Thats for sure.



    Many Big Thanks to:



    Elkim & PKBO




    First anonymous member

    Second anonymous member






    Xtreme Addict




    Third anonymous member





    Christian Ney







    Sunset 1



    I hope i dont forgot some one.


    And i will give some special Thanks to:


    George, Brendan for the huge work with the foundraiser/donations and to Splave, GENiEBEN ,Christian Ney, BarboneNet, Bullant for the big donations.


    I think you all should be proud of your self, I for one is affected of all the help i got from you all ,after i got scammed. Both in hard earned money or the huge work Brendan and George have done. :)


    Best Regards from a Thankful Isak

  7. Since someone here in forum still not belive That some of us dont got scammed of this Andrea fellow. Here is a pic of my order/first time payment of cascade.






    Have rubbed out my personal Info/destination info since i dont wonna have a identity theft.


    Have alot of emails to ranging over a year.



    Anyway thanks to all that gives Support to me and Rosty in hard times. :)


    Best Regards

  8. Good thing to do George for me and rosty.


    Its not the money that matters in the first place(even that its hurts to loose that amount), Its how this comunity should help eatch other when things like this happen to members in hwbot. We will likly not be the first that get scammed here or the last. I hope in the future Hwbot admins will take this kind off stuff more sincerely.


    Maybe in the future Hwbot should be more careful with sponsors. I would never have ordered that cascade from them, if not hwbot at the time was promoted/partners of Dimastech.


    Thanks from evryone thats Supporting us in hard times....


    @Massman excuse approved from last post


    I hope in the future we will not se comments from Admins that are rude to the community or people affected of scamers.




    Best Regards

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