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  1. I just got my hands on a copy of abx, i contacted a rep through the MSI canadas facebook page, i am surprised you guys are having such a hard time getting a copy considering i just said i was a ln2 overclocker and they sent me a copy. Maybe i was just lucky.
  2. Just a thought but could you guys possibly switch it up alittle, i know your trying to keep it easy, basic and fun but these comps are pretty bias to however has the most hardware already. Maybe you should do a target OC event. Idk it is your comp and you have your reason, just a suggestion. Cheers
  3. Man i just keep making mistakes... i overclocked my 4790k to 5.15ghz for hwbot. (i haven't submitted yet) but i screwed up the validation i am missing two cpu-z tabs (i thing it was spd and mainboard) i can do it again but it would be pretty inconvenient will you accept the validation as is. if you can pm me your email i can send it to you. Thanks 4Core
  4. Please disregard this i accidentally posted a false score confused copy with read i am working on getting it removed.
  5. quickly like to apologize accidentally submitted a completely bs score to max mem. i am going to get it removed but in the mean time please disregard me.
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