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  1. NeoForce

    COMPUTEX 2018

    I`ll be there 😃 as always 😃
  2. Massman, please reserve one HWBOT EASY CARD for me as well M.Beier, don`t be scared too much, at the moment I`m not a "party animal" © stummerwinter =)
  3. Confirmed tickets - from 3rd till 8th of June will be in Taipei. See you guys soon =)
  4. Arriving to Hangover, ups, sorry, Hannover at Monday =) Will be there till Saturday
  5. I`ll be ther form Monday, 4th till Saturday, 9th
  6. Thx to SF3D and everybody who participate in this event! It was really good!
  7. About 12 hours till start from St.Petersburg. Can`t wait to see you guys
  8. http://www.hwbot.org/user/pipejarcore/ - this user submits bugged result
  9. Chris, count me in =) BTW, nice pic!
  10. WiFi is not free at halls. but I know that PressCenter has free WiFi
  11. Too much time to go. I think I`ll get info in April
  12. I will arrive in the evening on Monday (5th) and leave at Friday morning (9th). As mentioned before - slamms and Smoke will also be there. Hope to see all of you guys.
  13. Hi all! PJ, can you tell me - we need 5 different dualcore CPUs - e.g. Wolfdale + Conroe + Allendale + Regor + Callisto - or we need - E8600 + E8500 + E6850 + Phenom II X2 555 + Phenom II X2 560?
  14. Another pack of photos http://occlub.ru/images/moa.rar It was nice event. Great to see all of you!
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