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  1. And to break through the 60 degrees it was when you move the CineBench at 4950MHz, Even it does not exceed 60 degrees higher in the case of 4840MHz. Do you fall temperature if lowering the BCLK. Tj.Max Although you remember to have been displayed as 85 degrees in CoreTemp, This case about it and many times What acceptable range. And the anxious, when it is the magnification to 23.5 times or more, Display of BCLK is freaking in Open Hardware Monitor. Specifically, it will be displayed as 557MHz. CPU-Z because in normal or Will variety of this software problem. Thank You.
  2. Thank You I do not know motherboard problems, More to increase the LLC and the OpenCL test of CineBench R15 will not pass. OS itself will freeze. It may be that is causing the problem when the frequency is increased. Since the temperature such about 60 degrees, even using 3DMark, If this problem even clear, you might gain access to 5GHz. It does not raise any more because it is not a water-cooled, but ...
  3. Because is pretty poor underbody is high likely that possibility. By changing the motherboard such as, but I feel likely to go more, To no more go guarantee. It was useless even have to 1.525V when the 4950MHz, Overclocking in common purpose is perhaps far. I think that trying to good things the underbody is the next time you buy. Thank You.
  4. Hi, I am now challenging OverClock. You are able to commonly used in frequency 4840MHz now, We think that it might go a little more. BCLK is 220MHz, Ratio is 22. It did not go well with 4950MHz. Can you lend wisdom. //Environment CPU is FX-8350 Motherboard is M5A97 PRO Cooler is Thermalright HR-22(with PH-F140HP) Memory is CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9 GraphicsCard is H787QN2G2M(Radeon HD 7870) PowerSupply is CMPSU-650TXV2JP Case is Carbide 300R //UEFI Setting //CPU Setting CPU Ratio is 22 Memory Frequency is 2052.6MHz CPU/NB Frequency is 2640MHz HT Link Speed is 2640MHz CPU Spread Spectrum is Disable PCI-E Spread Spectrum is Disable EPU PowerSaving Mode is Disable //DIGI+ VRM CPU LLC is High CPU/NB LLC is High CPU Current Capabillity is 140% CPU/NB Current Capabillity is 130% CPU Power Phase Control is Extreme CPU Voltage Frequency is Manual(360kHz) CPU Power Duty Control is Extreme CPU Voltage is 1.5V(offset) CPU/NB Voltage is 1.3V(offset) DRAM Voltage is 1.575V Thank you for reading.
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