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  1. M.Beier

    Computex 2019

    Oh never sweating carrying all the gear... Meh smth Was nice attending Computex, and gotta hand it over to Galax, appreciate Mads gesture, always feel welcome, even having been retired for years. Great show, and the coverage went smooth, only had to skip Seasonic, phanteks & Steelseries.
  2. M.Beier

    Computex 2019

    No, since Kyosen, macci & oppainter retired^^
  3. M.Beier

    Computex 2019

    Going to be there 27th-2nd - and again 28th June 13 July. Got Technikspr and Tweaktown (I think?), but seems odd that ASUS has anniversary but no party?? Atleast we (4 media) didnt get the invitation yet. Giga, Galax and Corsair, also no invitation yet - though I probably will have to skip Galax, as its media. .... Wait, it isnt a new UK thing? First barking over boothbabes, next the parties?
  4. M.Beier

    Computex 2019

    Not sure if Forum is all dead, but giving it a shot! Who is heading for Computex this year? Oh and, perhaps a partaaai list?
  5. From time to time, I hate being right. The ignorance killed the communities, and is still working hard to kill overclocking - why would the vendors keep on, if there is no money in it? But feel free trying to make it a more and more exclusive club.
  6. M.Beier

    COMPUTEX 2018

    Well, 2019, I'm going. By the way; Keep crying about OC communities dying, guess who is killing them.
  7. 1 at the time guys, the desire for the combo is overwhelming!
  8. Kinda hoped that you guys could help me out on that one :-) Is 500E for the combo rude? (plus shipping), it is one of the better chips, however, not looking to earn profit on transition to new platform.
  9. Lookin' to try something new - despite that I don't drink coffee, I feel like going for coffee... The chip, at slightly chilled temperature (open window) is capable of 5400MHz+ CB15, watercooled... Here are some score made with the CPU, watercooled... http://hwbot.org/submission/3493785_m.beier_3dmark___fire_strike_geforce_gtx_1060_(1152_shaders)_12832_marks http://hwbot.org/submission/3493762_m.beier_superpi___32m_core_i7_7700k_5min_39sec_605ms http://hwbot.org/submission/3493780_m.beier_3dmark2001_se_geforce_gtx_1060_(1152_shaders)_127772_marks Not sure about price, so I'll gladly hear your guys. Oh and... 5200/5000, P95 (8/8) and P95 AVX (8/8), it'll do too - considering thats been my daily setting.
  10. M.Beier

    [EU] 7700K Wanted

    Which kinda price level are you looking at? Have one that'll pass Prime95 small FFT at those settings, on watercooling.... It'll do up to ~5400-5450 MHz CB15 watercooled with higher voltage, and colder room temperature than my prefered 23C ;-)
  11. Hi lads, I have a i7-7700K that I run 5.2 GHz daily (2 AVX offset) @ watercooling, it can bench at around 5.55GHz watercooled, depending on ambient temperature. CB15 @ 5.48GHz at 22C ambient (as I recall*) Along it is an ASUS APEX board. I never used the chip for competitive benching, and don't know how it does under cold, yet, if room reaches 26C, it does cost more than 100MHz, so, it is indeed temp sensitive. I'd like to get a clue on how much the combo is worth... I am very tempted to swap to 6C/12T X299 setup, but not if the loose of the current is too massive. Cheers, Marc NB: Items are in Denmark.
  12. Everyone; Thanks for the input, and for most keeping a friendly tone towards one another (and myself) Yes, it is controversiel not just floating with the stream, but sometimes its healthy to look from outside the box. Much thanks to PJP/Massman for keeping calm, despite he was the one person I choose to mention by nickname. Rauf, same, no reports in Denmark. RULE: Oh boy, not even sure how to react. Don't really want to lower myself that much. Only thing I will mention is that you got the wrong idea Franco, both about me, but also the events taking place. If you wish to have a discussion with me, do it in PM, but, straight up, you have to be more respectful, otherwise its not worth my time.
  13. Snipped two parts First: Yes, I hardly think it was according to HWBots plan, however, it, in my book, is no valid excuse/push the responsibility. First impression is outmost important - just a heads up (to hwbot) to be more aware of such in future Second part, I meant as for strategy, I didnt say that HWBOT is swimming in money and luxorious, I admire the effort that HWBot does in general. I respectfully disagree Splave, I think you are underestimating the marketing value of overclocking, I also think you underestimate the appeal and 'understanding' of the sports effort by observers/bystanders. Last year HWBot had the world tour at 'glass area' in Nangang, in my opinion, that was very exciting - same company asked us to cover a modding event, and I honestly don't think it can even be compared.. When HWBot challenge for 2 or 4 hours were kicked in, you see people going nuts, frustation peaking, shouting/burst from a few now and then because the hw is being a cunt... At the casemodding competition this year, well, time started and half went for lunch, not exactly something to make the crowd consider it a hard competition. - Also having spoken with multiple overclockers in elite, I def' don't think vendors considers the overclockers or community 'lucky to be a part'. Well yes and no I don't think cooling should be limited, though we all know that its not realistic to pull LHe as private bencher. However, it is a bit of a punch to the groin that when a new flagship is launched, already from day -5 weeks(+-) the records have been set with LHe, and you will never be able to compete with the respective gear. It IS in my opinion, vendors ruining the fun for the common and wealthy overclocker. My rant is also curiosity on what does the community want? At the moment I see it heading towards a dead-end, and thats why, bombastic as I may be - I make this thread which hopefully is food for thoughts despite some clown writing 'BS, reddit, BS, attention". PJP, glad you noticed the thread First of all, the gathering on 27th, good deed by hwbot(and you)! Slightly chaotic as for when/where/attending, I wouldnt have been able to make it, but I actually did ask regarding the event, next year, would you mind keeping posted on the forum? I am fully aware that hwbot is trying, yet, I am merely suggesting a bit more harsh approach, and also - as I also replied to Alby, curious on what the heck does the community desire. Personally, I think the community is bending over way too much, and thereby harm itself and make it less appealing for people wanting to get into OC. Final input for this round: Locally, how many of you experience people questioning OC? Mocking extreme OC? I have seen quite an increase in Denmark over the past year - and I believe some of the reasons are highlighted in the rant - simply that its no fun with the respective level of playing field. Over and out, And please: Even if you dislike me, dislike someone else in the thread, do read websmiles post 3 times and think 'Does this seem appropriate to post.', absolutely no reason for personal insults.
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