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  1. Same? It's a full second faster than same freq, and about the same as 50mhz higher core.
  2. Biggest issue is actually powerlimit, not clocks. Even if we already can push 3000mhz on these cards it is very much a balancing game where it's very easy to loose performance. Even if we have seen some strong 3000mhz runs, I think a "proper" 3000mhz run with say a 1000w power limit... It would be a whole other performance level. Wish amd would do a xoc bios.
  3. @chispyThat's very interesting! would be so nice with no powerlimit also. But already going past 3000Mhz could be interesting.
  4. Rauf

    [FS] 2x11900K

    Both chips sold.
  5. Hi Up for sale some decent cards I found while binning maxwell a few months ago. First card: a 980 Classified. Had some trouble getting it to run good on ln2, but with power limit mod and asus ln2 bios it worked perfectly. Easy 2000 core fire strike. Price 250€ Second card: 980 Ti Matrix. Retail box if you want and full cover water block included. Also stock air cooler. Not a great card on cold, more for collectors or something... Price 300€ Third card: 980 Ti Kingpin. Just card and stock cooler. Card is a bit damaged around the DVI-connector and DVI does not work. C
  6. Rauf

    [FS] 2x11900K

    Hi For sale two strong 11900K, retail from swedish shop. Nr 1: SP 89. Does 6600MHz R15 with quick test. Second place in R20 and Geek3 at the moment. Does 7050+ 32M also. just very quick test with safe voltage. 7050 was running fine, 7.1 failed. Did not test in between or different volts. https://hwbot.org/submission/4716084_rauf_cinebench___r20_core_i9_11900k_8302_marks/ https://hwbot.org/submission/4716088_rauf_geekbench3___multi_core_core_i9_11900k_64789_points/ NR 2: SP 97. Very strong on AIO but did not scale very well on LN2. Runs 10C colder th
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