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  1. Yes, about same as before. Waza passes 10-20mhz higher
  2. 4000c18 sold. Can be closed the last kit will go elsewhere.
  3. It's listed in sweden. around 600€. Seeing as people are showing retails already my guess it will be available at launch https://www.inet.se/produkt/1903164/asus-rog-maximus-xii-apex-z490
  4. This user has obviously used LN2 before. Maybe only selected the wrong cooling category when subbing... How many scores like that do we have?
  5. @websmile Nice work! I might buy a pair just for the looks! Best looking ddr4 I have seen in a long while.
  6. Lets try a price drop, 325€ and 425€
  7. Forgot about this one. Can be closed.
  8. 5200+ on ln2
  9. Hi Up for sale are two of the best kits from recent binning. Both kits bought from websmile. Have now seen some more testing and verified for 4933 air cooled at 20C ambient. Both kits have had their heat spreaders removed because I was gonna try them on LN2, but then I found my golden kit and had no use for these. Heat spreaders are reattached though, and you can't really tell from looking at them that they have been removed. First kit is a 4000C18 kit: 4933 at 2.11V - price 350€, now 325€ Second kit is actually a quad, a 4266C17. Pretty unusual and expensive bin, cheapest you will find this one is more than 600€ retail. Three of the sticks are really good, but one tops out at not much more than 4800. Two best sticks does 4933 at 2.06V. - price 475€, now 425€ Also have one 4266C19 kit if anyone is interested. Does easy 4800C14 Geek. Heat spreaders were never removed on these and they have not been tested much. - Price 200€ Shipping is somewhat limited due to obvious reasons, but EU should be fine as well as US. Any other country ask and I'll check. Shipping will be around 25€ insured to EU or US. Bank transfer or paypal. If paypal use pay to friend or you cover the fees.
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