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  1. @snakeeyes @Leeghoofd Guys at hardwareluxx have been doing a really great job getting the most out of these cards. But there is also some discussion about something that is not quite right, see last post here: https://www.hardwareluxx.de/community/threads/radeon-rx-6000-3dmark-time-spy-rangliste.1294520/page-52#post-28804684 I don't know what is going on really, would be great if anyone from HWL could clarify.
  2. I think I have mentioned it before, but I like the idea of just making the rankings % of top score. First place is 100%, and then every following score just gets the percentage of the top score. It's extremely simple to code and you never have to recalculate entire rankings, except when a new top score is posted. Should make for a much lower server load. You can also reduce your opponents points by uploading a better top score. For the unpopular rankings there could be dividers, like 75% if less than 100 subs, 50% if less than 50 etc. HW points could also be handled by dividers it you want globals to be worth more like it is today. Top score on HW points would be 100 divided by 2 for example. And then also add additional divider if less than X subs.
  3. I think this is way better than the current system. The current where you go from 150 for first place to 75 for third is just absurd. What will the scaling be for hw points? Can't give high hw points for rankings without a decent amount of subs...
  4. Maybe wait for something official, so far it's only a database entry... And please stop with the Intel marketing nonsense. It's just ridiculous that they would care to influence hwbot. In the past Pieter tried to please everyone here on the forum, and still got nothing but shit for it. And no one was happy with what came out of it. I only hope current administration has a strong plan for the future and stick to it.
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