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  1. The problem is that way too many benchmarks are legacy ones. But too many old overclockers love the old benchmarks too much to do the modernization that is needed. To be honest a benchmarking site, where most of the benchmarking is done on modern hw, should measured relevant contemporary performance. We praise new generations of hw, and bench then using 10-15 year old instructions and benchmarks.
  2. Rauf

    PRO OC 2019 Round 1

    I like that you banned Asrock!
  3. Rauf

    [FS:EU] MOCF and Z390 Asrock ITX

    MOCF sold, I'll keep the ITX board. Close please!
  4. Rauf

    [FS:EU] MOCF and Z390 Asrock ITX

    Bump, 250€ for mocf
  5. Tbh, I dont see where hw-points fit in in a seasonal ranking whatsoever. To me hw points are supposed to be the "stable" points. And if you add background requirements, correct cpu-z version, full screenshot... You will get 90% of rookie submissions reported.
  6. No more compromise! Define a clear objective and make it happen! BTW, isn't "hw depth" what competitive overclocking is all about? Shouldn't the best overclocks be rewarded? I'm all for making it cheaper, but you can never factor out binning
  7. How can an example that shows exactly what I mean be "bad"? I'm sorry but you just don't know what you're talking about. The clocks are normal for a pascal GPU on stock cooler. There's a reason why these cards don't scale so well on extreme cooling, but it's besides the point. Check 970 then, it's the same story: 970: https://uat.hwbot.org/submission/3992854_dragon_soop_3dmark___fire_strike_geforce_gtx_970_14178_marks or 770: https://uat.hwbot.org/submission/3629333_h2o_vs_ln2_3dmark___fire_strike_geforce_gtx_770_10426_marks or 780: https://uat.hwbot.org/submission/3761539_h2o_vs_ln2_3dmark___fire_strike_geforce_gtx_780_14287_marks or 680: https://uat.hwbot.org/submission/3061153_pulse88_3dmark___fire_strike_geforce_gtx_680_10007_marks or 670: https://uat.hwbot.org/submission/3823010_shar00750_3dmark___fire_strike_geforce_gtx_670_8631_marks Need more? For CPUs it's the same. There are many examples of stupid hw points. Check this profile for example: https://uat.hwbot.org/user/pkbo/#Points And there are many examples of stupid globals also, I've written about them before. The question is WHY do we have points and rankings? WHAT is to be rewarded and what should the rankings show? As long as I have been a member no one has been able to answer this. It's always been a little bit of this and a little bit of that, which meant a system that has no clear purpose. If you don't know the why and what you want to do, how can you do it properly? For me a ranking and points system should always award the best achievements. Not just hand out points arbitrarily to "everyone who wants to mess around with decent oc's".
  8. There is this also. And ofc it is valid, but is this what hwbot is about? Spamming meaningless results?
  9. If the limit is stupid it does not matter who decides it. Here is one example of a stock cooled VGA and a very easy OC of an air cooled CPU: https://uat.hwbot.org/submission/3557369_gorod_3dmark___fire_strike_geforce_gtx_1070_20223_marks It gets 33 hw points. You can run the 1070 through all modern or semi-modern 3D and get around 30 points easy with all air/water and very small OC. For reference you can just check h20vsln2's profile to see what kind of good hw points you can get through an all air/water setup. 50x30 points = 1500 points total. And I did not say thousands, I said A thousand points. And this is just hw points. If you want to see good globals which are "easy" to get you just check the same user profile. The newest intel CPU and latest Titan will always get incredible globals even on stock cooling, but the fewer global subs that count, the less impact this has. For me the fewer results that give points the more you have to focus on quality of your subs and makes it less of a money game. Even if it always will be a money game, you can limit it as best you can.