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  1. Will I get 200 votes for $100? I think I will vote hard in the 2D categories Pcmark 04, pcmark 07, pcmark vantage etc incoming
  2. I know. But if result details (subtests fps) are not needed maybe rules should say "benchmark window with result". Or maybe just benchmark window, I think most will understand what part of it is needed But for the legacy 3d we still need details. Because often vali links will not be visible. I think it will look and feel simpler with the new layout and information
  3. Some thoughts: Example screenshot with red boxes for the important parts. We need to know where lod is allowed and not allowed. Don't like gpu-z monitoring is mandatory. It's too much for the noobs. All the pros do it anyway. But many times it will not be correct and most benchmarks log it in vali file anyway. Max boost clocks don't say much in many circumstances and is easily tricked if anyone wants to. Result details are not possible with new 3dmark layout.
  4. Btw, vantage extreme does not scale much at all with cpu score. Isn't Intel better?
  5. So, I ran my 6900XT on LN2 and EVC2 first time yesterday. Ended up being a pretty long session because as others have reported there are quite a few things to balance to get good efficiency. It does not get easier on LN2 For me MPT worked fine in combination with EVC2 power adjustments. Like chispy reported you have to balance volts and clocks because those two decide power, and the power limit is the biggest problem when benching these cards. But on LN2 you also have to factor in temperature, going to cold can hurt your score. But the biggest factor is voltage. You will have to play wit
  6. Yeah. One thing I noticed is that gpu-z report higher clocks than 3dmark. Same for you? Average clocks according to gpu-z during run were ~2650.
  7. Ran some pretests on stock cooler using MPT, no EVC yet. Card seems pretty good. 32392 FSX. https://hwbot.org/submission/4652770_rauf_3dmark___fire_strike_extreme_radeon_rx_6900_xt_32392_marks Set 2820/2150 at 1050mV, but of course power limited to 380-390W.
  8. Joined, appreciate the efforts to keep this place alive!
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