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  1. Nice work! And as usual, Phil does all the work and Stavros sits on his as! ;)
  2. I checked the only way I know how, maybe there are more ways.
  3. The one who can develop hwbot does not have the time or interest to do so. So hwbot is stuck. It's not just a missing 3d benchmark. The whole list of benchmarks is so outdated it is getting rediculus. I think 75% of all benchmarks are really all about single or dual threaded cpu performance. How relevant is that today? And then there is that thing that the most interesting platform in 20 years is not even possible to bench in a legit way by mainstream users...
  4. Sorry, I'll stay out of this round. Got no time to play, although interesting stages.
  5. They have stock coolers, so they are great :) Got two cards, both were very good. 2700+ and 2125 on mems. But sli is harder on both mems and core. Compared to older oc lab cards they seem to scale much better on ln2 vs air/water.
  6. I have a tek 9 fat in very good condition. Shipping from sweden, so no taxes. Don't have turing mounting but it is not needed. Just use the inner holes on card. It fits, I have tried. PM me
  7. I think we need to be realistic, hwbot is a dead end when it comes to change. 95% of the value of hwbot is the database of old scores and the ability to compete and rank your scores against the same hw. Most of the database consist of scores on old Windows versions and/or old and unsecure benchmarks. You can never force benchmate on the ones benching for hw-points without resetting all the scores. I don't see that ever happening. As you said, implementing benchmate on hwbot in a proper way would also require alot of work from hwbot's side. I don't see that happening either. The way benchmate can be used is for new hw and world records (globals). This can be reset in a day as there is no database to speak of. But there is still the part of getting proper integration with hwbot. Good luck with that! My suggestion to mat is if you ever want to see your great softare get any proper use you will have to do everything yourself and most likely set up your own site.
  8. 5.8 on cascade is not bad at all! How does it handle the load?
  9. Both kits gone, thanks hwbot!
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