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  1. What are the rules for night raid? Lod or no? I would suggest no lod and valid result. We really should move away from lod crap...
  2. Good that you bench so much lately to test the database and find the errors :) This hw-ranking is wrong...
  3. Looks good! But shouldn't titans be pro cup only? Looking forward to see what you have in store for pro.
  4. Enforcing stock coolers will be impossible. Go with lowest temp in idle instead. Everything else can be cheated (too easily). I might play this round, hope it will be proper 3D and no legacy benchmarks since it was cpu last round. Or you will limit cpu for pro also?
  5. The problem is that way too many benchmarks are legacy ones. But too many old overclockers love the old benchmarks too much to do the modernization that is needed. To be honest a benchmarking site, where most of the benchmarking is done on modern hw, should measured relevant contemporary performance. We praise new generations of hw, and bench then using 10-15 year old instructions and benchmarks.
  6. I like that you banned Asrock!
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