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  1. Always conspiracy theories here... I'm sure hwbot points are extremely important to intel... Big.little makes so much sense from a practical point of view. First generation with something new is not always super, we'll just have to wait and see. but I'm sure this is the future. So we can either stick our heads in the sand and compare performance in an irrelevant way, or adapt to something that makes sense. For now I think the best way would be to create all new categories, like 8+8, 6+6 or something. Then see how everything goes and make a bigger overhaul when there are more facts and there is time for development.
  2. @CENSLoad temps improved by somewhere around 4-6C. It is now about as good as my modded bitspower pot, but very fast to cool down. But I had higher hopes actually for load temps. Let's see what the future brings.
  3. Most of the proposals feature massively increased numbers of CPU rankings. Some also mean you can use a single golden cpu for multiple rankings, saturating your profile points-wise with mostly one good chip. Meanwhile we have one single GPU-ranking... (considering SLI is more or less dead) I have always liked the idea of dividing into low-, mid-, high- and ultrahigh end. For both CPUs and GPUs. It's possible CPUs would require more categories, but you get the idea. That way the global points can always stay relevant and don't have to introduce strange categories that in one way or another won't be fair. Sure it means alot of work for the old CPUs, dividing them into categories. But the alternative would be to have possible hundreds of CPU-rankings in the near future. One big benefit is for the GPU-rankings also. It would mean that you could compete for globals without being rich or have good sponsors as you could bench for globals in the lower ranges.
  4. I think this screenshot should be a little better. And here is the screen of the faster run that crashed. These were run at 100.0 bclk i believe...
  5. Can extreme guys play? With ambient cooling ofc...
  6. Here's the original screen. And also a much faster one that sadly crashed. Not sure if this was beaten. Edit: will see if I can fix the screen later.
  7. Can't we just call it a tweak and keep it for now. Can switch to newer versions later if necessary. It doesn't help Intel, I had same score with 2,3g compared to 1g. On amd maybe it helps more, but it doesn't bug the benchmark as far as I know, it still runs as it was designed to... But in a different way that wasn't intended for that type of CPU.
  8. Rauf

    [FS] 980 and 980 Ti

    980 Ti KPE and Matrix sold. 980 Classified still here
  9. Some experience from me playing around with both 2x8GB and 2x16GB the last few weeks: It's hard to find IMC that does good 2x8GB on air (2000+). On LN2 should not be a problem for most cpus. But it's much harder to find IMC that does good with 2x16GB when cold! For example my ES, which has the best IMC so far, can loop PYP at 2x16GB C12-11 very tight at 2050MHz all on air. When full pot IMC tops out at just 2000. The same CPU can do 2x8GB 2200++ C12 on LN2 full pot. You have to pay attention to timings. Lower is definitely not always faster. And then balance performance vs stability. For example, with my timings TRFC 180 is worse than 220 for both PYP and 32M. Same goes for some subtimings. Some timings give slightly faster times but ends in crash 9/10 times. For me that is not worth it when another setting passes 10/10 times. For me A2 is better than A0/A1 for 2x8GB. But I haven't played so much with A0/A1 because my A2 sets are fantastic. I know A0/A1 likes slightly different timings, so maybe I didn't tweak that enough... For 2x16GB I only have A2. Best 2x16GB kit so far did around 1970MHz C12-11 32M, 2050MHz PYP. Best 2x8GB does 4300+ C12-12 32M and 4400+ PYP. 32M with benchmate is really fast on win7. I use the same OS as I do for 3D, so nothing special really. Don't have to do waza either. A good win 7 run can compete with XP for low clock challanges, but it varies more than XP. For full out XP will give you higher clocks, so XP is still better there. On ASUS make sure Round Trip Latency is enabled on mem training settings. And use latest SPI bios and maximus tweak mode 2. For 32M with 2x16GB on XP higher maxmem than 600 is better. When benching cold I would recommend 2x8GB, because unless you have a killer IMC it will have trouble handling 2x16 when cold. At least when you bench full pot. You will most likely loose MHz compared to air, unlike 2x8GB where you can see massive gains.
  10. I don't see how this is in anyway related to overclocking? Keep the rankings for those who want to play, but don't give any points... This opens up to so much "creativity" also. What exactly can you bench on this? A long time ago I had the gigabyte i-ram. Is something like that allowed? It's not ramdisk SOFTWARE...
  11. Very strong! Don't think your gpu score is beatable on older cards. Too bad new bios don't work on older cards as mine is very strong. My run was at -20C for 3000.
  12. It doesn't brick the board. But you have to be more patient than normal on first boot. It does some update with black screen that takes a while and looks like it hangs. If you wait it will eventually reboot and work normally. Don't reset during this process! You can update bios with externa flasher if you have bricked bios.
  13. @AKMYou didn't mess up. Nr1 is using release candidate version of Superposition that scores way higher. All those scores should be removed.
  14. Been wondering for some time about some 3dmarks. In the past it was stated that sysinfo could be disabled for 3d03, 05 and 06. It seems it's not allowed anymore for 05 and 06? 3d03 does not require validation link anymore so I guess it's ok to disable sysinfo. For cloud gate and sky diver the vast majority of scores are done with tess/lod. But it's not allowed anymore. Both of these changes messes with the hw points as it has a performance hit. It's not really a level playing field anymore. Also wondering about the necessity of valid links for 05 and 06, if we use tess/lod the links are not public anyway. Is it really meaningful to provide another screenshot of the validation page? It's just two screenshots instead of one, it does not add a layer of security.
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