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  1. that menu not work, i have edit the bios for unhidden that menu, there some many options, i have not try all, but memory ed cpu overclock not work
  2. I have a new batch of 10700kf, x30f171. 5.2 GHz at 1.325-1.33 but not luck with mem controller then it's not stable with ram at 4.2 cl16. Cache at 47x and 1.030 vccsa. The CPU is comeback from Intel ptpp service
  3. 7c71 is unify here bios site https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MEG-Z490-UNIFY
  4. in short, the CMD 1t will we have to wait on the next bios version?
  5. Take error when finish test, data parameter error
  6. i think, this depending on temps, if u run water or air or extreme cooling there are differents
  7. Air cooling? 24/7? How sa and io voltage give leaving in auto?
  8. someone who can give me some info about the Soyo SY-ZEUS Z390 ESPORT? http://www.soyocn.net/2018/1011/2589.html has anyone tried it? Opinions? Thanks in advanced
  9. I have temps problem, i have 25° celsius inside the case
  10. I'm trying the Patriot Viper steel 4000 cl19 to go to 4266 cl 19 but for a moment they are fine managing to make a cache menu aida64 but at the first crash I can't even boot anymore. under whatever voltage I try it doesn't work, using only the main timings
  11. have you try the bios sended? if yes how can work on your board?
  12. Where can find the explication of Miles and Miles timings settings?
  13. My RAM setting no work with CMD rate 1t and setting manuale...now i understand why it was sold on amazon wharehouse ... ass fucked that i got ... an almost ridiculous system this z490 ... potential oc equal to 0 ... and they also want the money for these ill-conceived platforms
  14. I have try this bios without microcode, no problem but it's impossible to overclock the ram E7C71IMS.zip
  15. I have reflash at normale BIOS, because i have tale problem with Windows crash at startup. I think that mod no work with default setting
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