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  1. Not a criticism, just an observation. When the 0902 BIOS was released something between it and 5803 really trashed the wPrime and SPi scores. At least for me it did. I have tried everything I can think of but can't get close to the scores I got before. A full second difference in wPrime 32m is a lot and about a minute in SPi32m


    Multiple restarts usually solves the SPI performance in my case

  2. Could you please run Anvil Pro in loop 3-4 times and see if you have any BSOD / lock-ups? I tried M.2 slot and PCIe slot 2 with adapter, swap SSD's, memory, etc. I have random crashes in 4K high-QD workloads...


    P.S: SSDs tested are Toshiba OCZ RD400 and Apacer Z280 with Phison controller. Everybody is testing with Samsung NVMe so I don't know if it's a SSD compatibility problem or CPU / MB issue!

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