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  1. hi, i was just wondering if it is legit to post a superpi score when superpi is ran with benchmate ? Edit : sorry I guess it is :
  2. it is F-secure and the benhamrks that I can't run with benchmate are working without benchmate
  3. yes i have an Antivirus but I can't desactivate it, I thought it could be the problem but I don't know why I can run some benchmarks ans can't run some others ? thx
  4. hello, I can't run Pifast or Y cruncher, see below : i can run pifast from the benchmate folder in C but I can't validate PS : i can't run Cinebench23 at all, it just doesn't start. thanks !
  5. Please add motherboard Asus X421IAY https://valid.x86.fr/janwt7 Thanks !
  6. mine has 3GB of memory instead of 6GB on all the other scores, does it change something ? thx
  7. and please add AMD radeon HD8200 : https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/details/2z2af thx
  8. Hello, I am not sure what this GPU is in HWB : https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/details/89adp there are many GTX1060, as mine is in a laptop should I use the mobile one ? Thx
  9. yes no problem, just post on the JMH forum thread you can bring your GF, I am not benching anymore, I'll take care of her no problem
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