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  1. This is the defective dimm. Other 3 are still good (kit of 4). Died with slot 1 of my m ocf.
  2. Thanks, my best kit seems to be A1. Aug 2016 kit (3600 C15). Running 4266 C12-11-11 at just a bit more then 2v.
  3. Edit: I see the link so I will look at it. Thanks
  4. A bit off the record, but how can you see if it is A1 or A2? free bump tough...
  5. It actually runs every cpu 100MHz faster on the same voltage compared to DFI and Abit. I allready really like it
  6. I tested at least 6-8 Athlon XP-M chips the past 12 months. Yours seem to be on par or a little better then my best chip depending on scaling from this point, a verry good chip.
  7. Sparks.nl

    Epox 8RDA6+ Pro

    This can be closed. Clearly nobody can help here.
  8. I know, I was there... I just never uploaded my scores back then.
  9. I asked because my best 2 chips do 2800+MHz on air.
  10. Can you tell me cpu speeds vs voltages, what to expect? Week 0401 and 5203 were good as well by the way. Edit: I can offer €250 for all.
  11. Sparks.nl

    Epox 8RDA6+ Pro

    Wanted: Epox 8RDA6+ Pro (NForce 2 Ultra, Athlon XP) I want a backup board for my running one. I am willing to trade my only Abit NF7-S for it.
  12. Thanks, this should do it. My board has some issues posting sometimes (more then normal). This helps a lot! Oh and if somebody has all Merlin bios files for 8rda+ pro then let me know. I have only one (which is actually pretty damn good).
  13. Does anybody still have a manual of these boards? For 8RDA6+ Pro would be nice. I am looking for the LED Debug post codes list.
  14. Hi, I have a Core 2 Duo E8700. I am wondering what these do if I would ever sell it. It is this chip. Price check only, no sale at this point.
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