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  1. Thanks. I think I could have done a little better but I wanted to run all benches before this cpu went into it’s grave for good.
  2. Thanks, I was glad that it was still able to run. I gained 400MHz on my Single Stage.
  3. If we are about to change things then the only thing I would really want to see to be changed is a separate top10 list for sponsored uploads. This way anyone could get to be 1st, not just people who were pre filled in the pull down menu from vendor clockers lists. No hard feelings, just the way I feel about it and my main reason to avoid new hardware for overclocking.
  4. I guess I follow the flow for this one. I really can’t care because top places are not in reach anyway for newer hardware.
  5. So I can still disable cores on my Athlon XP setup 😁😁.
  6. This can be closed. No reply's...
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