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  1. Sparks.nl

    Avexir Unicorn PSC ~ The LAST and BEST

    I never tried it on cold. I stopped with full scale oc before I had the chance. The nice thing is that I got it (together with the PI modules) from an extreme oc who was stopped and never fully tested it because he thought it wouldn’t run... Well I guess it does.
  2. Sparks.nl

    Avexir Unicorn PSC ~ The LAST and BEST

    I was wondering if those voltages which are written on the memory sticks are quick tests. For his best binned memory I would have expected the voltages on air to be Or maybe scaling on ln2 is better because of the 8155 print. I just checked my own PI (ST) and BDBG (Kingston 2250 C9 Hyper X) for results and these are max 1.75v / 1.76v for 2600 c8. My BDBG actually beets my PSC hands down (all air).
  3. Sparks.nl

    [FS] 21 sticks of Samsung TCCD

    Please, kit 3 and 4. Will sent pm.
  4. Sparks.nl

    The Purge™

    I think I must be looking somewhere else since I don’t see it in there. Thanks (not interested).
  5. Sparks.nl

    The Purge™

    About that fx-55, is that ADAFX55DEI5AS (Claw Hammer) or ADAFX55DAA5BN (San Diego)?
  6. Thanks. I will still look further to do better tough.
  7. Sparks.nl

    WTB: good 7700k

    Yep, I bought the Mushkin brand new back then. Verry good kit.
  8. Sparks.nl

    WTB: good 7700k

    Just bought dfi nf4 sli dr expert for €60... 250 for Ultra D? What the...
  9. Sparks.nl

    Moving Sale Round 2

    Ok, thanks
  10. Sparks.nl

    Moving Sale Round 2

    Any idea how good the Athlon XP is?
  11. Sparks.nl

    Good Intel Core i7 5960X

    CPU is reserved (that was fast). And SOLD
  12. Sparks.nl

    Good Intel Core i7 5960X

    I want to sell my Intel Core i7 5960X. Watercooled results: Single Stage: Cascade result: This Cascade was actually to strong so it was hard to bench on it. Cascade was running -115C easy. Results could have been better I always tought. Memory while testing was 3400MHz Cas 11, cas 10 can be run as well: Price: €350 or make me a good offer.
  13. I will try this soon (have to take apart my daily to get a cpu). Thanks
  14. Sparks.nl

    Intel Core i7 6700k [EU]

    This canbe closed