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  1. Yes, the cpu has a free multi, only cpu’s with a stock multi which is higher then then 12,5x work with those multi’s. I am using ticktacs bios now, but the version from digitalbath or the original latest bios has the same issue. I don’t see any revision numbers.
  2. New addition to the family: My own old board. Should at least do 250MHz.
  3. It is not hard, I just need to go upstairs 😁. I have never had much issues with my 8rda6+ pro. It runs without a single issue for years now. I can’t tell for other boards thow.
  4. Nice list. I might look at it later (again). My German (writing) is not that good though.
  5. Well since last time I had seen one being sold was at least a year ago and that one did €180-200. So €80 for defective is expensive, for working board is Ok. I am hoping so that it does a nice job in fsb speeds. Oh and I recap myself. I had caps allready. I would not turn this on before.
  6. Ok so we talk about alternatives. And yes, dfi is expensive when found... So I bought this defective board for €80... and it is working again (without Firewire 😁😱).
  7. Just sent me the photo's of these cpu's via MP and I can see more
  8. That is probably the worst I have “seen”. I reccomend testing all Winbond dimms you have and maybe tccd as well. In my experience there could be 1 or 2 dimms that run great and surprise you.
  9. From what I saw the mem controller in the nb chip is very picky. One can handle something, others can not. But there are kits who seem to do better overall. I noticed this week that my Epox board likes ds 256MB memory more then ss. My Abit boards like ss more.
  10. It is just that 1 seems broken. So that is why I never look at them. I never tested pi though.
  11. I have got some golden dragons which do 260 2-2-2-5 2t on nf2. And 1 XL kit makes it up to 260-265 c2.5 boot as well. Those Geil refuse 1t on nf2 and nf4
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