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  1. That is a great score for air for these chips. I had several chips on 2.2v on water (just cpuz), below zero I would dare to go to 2.4v at least.
  2. Hi all, Just like the titles said. I am looking for some info for backwards compatibility for PCI gfx cards. When searching: The only info I get is PCIe related, I am looking for the older standard. I completely forgot about how this worked back then. Example: Can a PCI 3.0 card be run on a 2.x board.
  3. Free bump for a part of my old gtx2 kit.
  4. Thanks. I will look for this.
  5. I am wondering where you see the 0.53 number on nf7-s. Where is it on the board?
  6. Hi, kit nr. 3 please. I will sent pm.
  7. It actually was a good buy when I look back. The MSI seems to be a great board, it is just that the bios was not that great back then. I still have 2 AN7 but these are not that stable. I don’t really use them untill I really have to. I had a 3rd which did a 270 post but 1 dimm slot was broken.
  8. I quick tested it in doing 260MHz fsb on a ed bios. Ebed should do better. I never really binned all off my boards. I should do it someday... I play around with socket 7 too much these days... Indeed it is a -L.
  9. I am hoping to take this to cpuz when I install Windows. This is a P90 at stock voltage. I could actually just barely post it at 2.5x83MHz.
  10. Too bad you are leaving. I wish you luck for what is next to come.
  11. Yes, the cpu has a free multi, only cpu’s with a stock multi which is higher then then 12,5x work with those multi’s. I am using ticktacs bios now, but the version from digitalbath or the original latest bios has the same issue. I don’t see any revision numbers.
  12. My 8rda6+ pro does not do a multi over 12,5x.
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