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  1. This will be the last reaction I give on this because from the start it seems pretty useless. To answer the question: Because a fair chance was taken and rules seem to be changing after the competition was started.
  2. About: Only use processors using socket AM2, AM2+ socket The way I read this: “Only use processors” —> This states that I can only use processors, there is no limitation in this part besides the fact it needs to be a processor. “using socket AM2, AM2+ socket” —> This states that any processor I found needs to be used on a AM2+ socket. There is no other limitation. So if I am able to place a 3950x in a AM2 socket and it works it I follow rules as stated. This also makes any discussing about which processor which is used irrelevant. The processor I find needs to be placed in the AM2 or AM2+ socket. If I take an Intel, use a hammer for placing it, and installing it seems Ok and it works afterwards it still is within rules. For the record, I just read it as it sated. I can not help it if text is unclear. Edit: please note that an am2 or am2+ socket is not attached to the processor. I think that this is what needed to be stated: Only use AM2/AM2+ processors using socket AM2, AM2+ socket
  3. For me it is just that I want to use that what is stated. In those lines is no exception for cpu’s which also run on AM3. There was also no limitation for example for C2 steppings. Of course Vishera was not meant to run here. Besides that I see the same architecture in some AM3 cpu’s. It seems like a strange limitation. I even named the 550BE which is only C2. I admit that it dies not happen that much that a cpu works on 2 platforms… In IT audits these things are essential (part of my daily work). edit: I am not sure I fully understand this.
  4. Just for the record, I think I named the 550BE (not 555BE). What I miss here is looking at the bigger picture. I can cut that pin if needed. What is stated in the competition is: Only use DDR2 SDRAM memory. Only use processors using socket AM2, AM2+ socket. Please note that there was nothing stated here about processors. I think that the rules as stated are a good starting point and are correct. Taking this as a reference (for example) a Phenom II X2 550BE cpu has the exact same architecture as the X4 940BE. I can’t help it that AMD made versions which have both an DDR2 and DDR3 controller and assigned some to socket AM2+ and some to AM3. The only clear difference is that AM3 versions officially also support AM3 and with it DDR3. This advantage can only be used using an AM3 socket and DDR3. When used it in an AM2+ socket, these cpu’s work exactly the same as the AM2+ Phenom II since it has the exact same architecture. So to me this still is by the rules as stated in the competition.
  5. So if I unlock it to 4 cores it is allowed? Edit: Because that is the only difference…
  6. Please help me understand it better for am2+ or am3 cpu’s and what is allowed. From what I read in the above I read that a Phenom II X4 940BE cpu’s are allowed but Phenom II X2 550BE is not. This seems strange since this is the exact same architecture. It is just that the 550BE has 2 cores less (which can be enabled on some…). Both work on AM2+. Please explain it to me because I think I missed something.
  7. Fixing is easy, I have used the same set (of course) but I have 4 more capable cpu’s and 2 more 512MB dimms which are capable. The 256MB which is also capable would not work out.
  8. Hmm I see the competition askes for more then the normal rules. I will upload it later. No problem.
  9. Yes it seems it is a common problem. I actually have one where it’s display is working… but it has a hardware issue somewhere else (no post). But that board failed after just a few times using it.
  10. For Sale my Asrock Z87 OC Formula. This board comes with an IO Shield, 2 SATA cables, it’s box and an i3 4130 socket protector (working). The board was used for memory binning, no subzero sessions were done by me. The OLED display is defective (beyond repair). Asking price: €90
  11. Pentium G3258 X535C046 Asrock Z87 OCF Noctua NH-U14S air cooled, MX-4 Roomtemp: 22.5C Not delided VID: 1.0504v 4500MHz PI 32M (1800 C6-6-6 20 1T): 1.22v 4900MHz PI 32M (1800 C6-6-6 20 1T): 1.44v 5000MHz boot 1.54v --> PI 8M hangs @1.55v
  12. Sparks.nl

    [FS-US] PSC

    Did you try and clean the contacts for that pi’s? That can give issues. Even when they seem to be clean.
  13. Sparks.nl

    [FS-US] PSC

    About those G3258 and possible reserve versions and buying them. Never mind that for me. I just noticed the 2nd G3258 I bought and could not test yet (defective motherboard) seems to be doing Ok as well. So far 4.5GHz PI 32M @1.21v with my Noctua NH-U14S. I thought Sam had bought all good ones in the Netherlands...
  14. Sparks.nl

    [FS-US] PSC

    I was just wondering what cooling was used for binning those G3258. Stock, water or advanced air?
  15. Sparks.nl

    [FS-US] PSC

    From how much were these G3258's binned? Edit: And where would they come from?
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