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  1. I did not hear anything as well. I think this one can be closed as it seems dead.
  2. This CPU won’t run 260+ FSB when I am on cold and at high speeds. I verified 260MHz as booting before and after the run on cold. I might get the job done when lowering max speed. But: I won’t be running this cpu on cold since it is my second in binning for 2800+ xp-m. I was just preparing for the better cpu to come in...
  3. I would like to know what my OCZ Flex2 XLC Series PC2 9200 2x2GB is worth. I think this is PSC memory.
  4. Are both memory sets hypers? I will be interested in both kits then. If still available.
  5. No sorry, I don’t have the impact. I mainly bench old school nowadays.
  6. Thanks. Interesting, I own an FX5500 which does work on my Ali alladin 5 and VIA MVP3 boards.
  7. Mine wasn’t ever going to beat the e8600’s.
  8. If you asked 2 years earlier... I gave mine away.
  9. Abit boards like nf7 or nf7-s are for sale regularly on Ebay. I suggest looking there. I saw an xp-m 2500+ as well...
  10. Just for the record. My Asus X570 Formula works fine in Win7. I installed it using a pcie ps2 port card.
  11. That is a great score for air for these chips. I had several chips on 2.2v on water (just cpuz), below zero I would dare to go to 2.4v at least.
  12. Hi all, Just like the titles said. I am looking for some info for backwards compatibility for PCI gfx cards. When searching: The only info I get is PCIe related, I am looking for the older standard. I completely forgot about how this worked back then. Example: Can a PCI 3.0 card be run on a 2.x board.
  13. Free bump for a part of my old gtx2 kit.
  14. I am wondering where you see the 0.53 number on nf7-s. Where is it on the board?
  15. Hi, kit nr. 3 please. I will sent pm.
  16. It actually was a good buy when I look back. The MSI seems to be a great board, it is just that the bios was not that great back then. I still have 2 AN7 but these are not that stable. I don’t really use them untill I really have to. I had a 3rd which did a 270 post but 1 dimm slot was broken.
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