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  1. hyve

    please add motherboard

    yes it is ! Thanks !
  2. hyve

    please add motherboard

  3. hyve

    Several CPU LN2 containers

    i'll take the f1 dragon
  4. hyve

    please add motherboard

    Yes it's a winfast board i take a picture of it when i go back home
  5. hyve

    please add motherboard

    Can you please add this mobo http://valid.x86.fr/8r7qvf thanks !
  6. hyve

    DFI nf3 250gb

    Everything is in the title Price : around 60 euros thank you !
  7. hyve

    Old skool motherboards

    god damit the nf3 250g dfi i sold.....
  8. hyve

    Please add this motherboards to database =)

    hi can you add this mobo please ? Biostar M7SXD http://valid.x86.fr/ki86al
  9. Awsome overclock !! Were did you buy the adaptor for 478 to 775 ?
  10. hyve

    Please add this motherboards to database =)

    Please add this MB Intel D2500CC https://valid.x86.fr/4dlxmn ty
  11. What rev' do you have ? if you'll do it can you please share me some pictures of it ? i'll be grateful for that i have the 5.2