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  1. You guys running XP x64? x86 shows 920mb only, and won't let me install Intel ME
  2. Still using good old Revo85+ huh? Loved that PSU, never let me down.
  3. Thanks for the pictures and story. Always fun to read. Congrats on the great scores, very impressive!
  4. Not to take any side, don't have the info .. but isn't that exactly what people do in 3dmark01
  5. Hope this is the correct place to post it... but this bug is getting pretty annoying:
  6. Did you check while in 3dmode? Enable Force constant voltage, in Afterburner settings.
  7. Congrats to team Korea, they really got that 680 running properly. (What happened to that 1998Mhz 165K 3d03 run that was on the scoreboard before?). Also great job by alot of teams. Competition seems tight as always. Hope everyone had fun (know you have )
  8. Congrat's guys! To bad about the let-down by MSI by not supporting 680 owners though. This competion could have been so much more. Have fun in TW!
  9. Some total random guess, but maybe it's worth trying: When going from 3D to 2D power saving mode, usually on nVidia cards, the PCI-E bus will go down to 8X or even 4X at times. Maybe the PCI-E controller (CPU) get's stuck in that mode, when the GTX680 switches between power state's. If Elmor and Massman used the P0-only BIOS, then that would explain why they didn't run into trouble. And SB-E obviously has no such issues, cause nobody run's it that cold. Try running the GPU-Z render test to check if PCI-E gets up to 16x after it has been in 2D mode, while CPU is cold. Again, just brainstorming here.. But i guess you've got nothing to loose
  10. As good-old () Hipro5 would say: Shi(f)t! (revering to all the capital letters used by Intel....)
  11. The "unlocked" LN2 bios that MSI sends out with ABX have all power state's active. Seems to me the new LN2 bios is pretty much the same as the one that was on the card when i got it. ... So little progress, so much waiting /
  12. Hardware-porn just got an all new meaning
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