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  1. I have a quick question and a minor (BUG) problem with BM. Is this the only place to request fixes?? Minor Error.. I will pick driver 417.xx but it is any that can run the GTX-680/780(Ti)/980(Ti) video cards. Here is the problem : I'm running XX video card and BM is working great. I switch out video card and restart computer, Win 7 recognizes new video card. Driver already works with xx video card so windows re configures to also run xx card with xx driver. I run BM and get stopped at the loading screen. The fix is to reload the video driver after switching cards. <- As I said, this is a minor problem. Thank You
  2. That is some speed :) Your so close to a 100% OC on that GPU. Find another CPU and you will have all WRs with that GPU :-)
  3. Great Work :) I Will have to work to get back into top 5.
  4. Excellent Run :) Super score you have. Any more frosty pictures?? Now that you have 1st with the AMD HD-68xx series, are you going to do the AMD HD-78xx series???
  5. Was this a throw away card?? Not enough prep time?? You went to fast on benching because of streaming???
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