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  1. Did you test with water?? Why 3600 @ 12-12-28 and not 3866/4000 @ 14-14-28/15-15-28. Higher speed = More Bandwidth??? I have a 9820x/Dark and I'M still trying to get my Memory to run @ 3866/4000 - G.Skill F4-3200C14D-16GTZKW. AND I'll also ask for some Frosty Pictures :) Thank You for any advice :)
  2. Nice Run and Pictures :) Did you have to mod the HD-7850 to get it to run that fast???
  3. I LOVE THE PICTURES :)I have 2 questions: 1) You have this listed as a MSI Lightning but your screen shot says it's a Sapphire??? 2) The Volt Mod was done for the Memory ->Correct
  4. Nice Run :) I love Frosty Pictures if you have any. Would love a Picture of that GTX-980Ti Lightning as I have a KP Version. Thanks :)
  5. That last Picture makes me think they used Chilled B**R as the coolant :) :rofl:
  6. I love the Frosty Pic :) Is that a Custom Made (You made it) Benching Stand or is it just Very Old :) With all the rust on it, sand it down and re-paint it :)
  7. I love the Picture -> I have the same cards. ASUS GTX-680 D_CUII matched to a MSI GTX-680 Lighting :)It's not the best picture but THAT 2nd card SURE LOOKS like a MSI Lightning :)
  8. I'm not sure of how many users out there have the this board but here is my question and problem. I also have a AsRock z170 OCF that already have some tweaked memory timings in the BIOS. These range from DDR4-3600 to DDR4-4000 and cover a WIDE range of timings (Samsung Models also included). My Asus z370 (<-Newer Generation) only has tweaked timings up to DDR4-3400. Is this section limited to AsRock MBs only??? I have been able to transfer some of the memory speed/timings that my z170 MB runs to the z370 MB. When I updated the BIOS with the DEC release, I lost the use of my Samsung E's. I know these will run @ 3866/3900 12-19-19-28 1T. My Samsung B's will do 16-19-19-28 1T @ 3866/3900. I know they can probably do 3866/4000 with tighter timings. I don't have several days to play with the timing tree so I look for the AUTO Memory OC section. Does the Maximus X Formula have a better Auto Memory OC section??? Did ASUS drop the ball on the support of the z370's Motherboards as the z390's where close behind?? Thank You For Your Time
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