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  1. Nice and Sweet :-).. Is that eraser on the back of the card instead of using LET to control moisture??
  2. MB Used?? Memory Maker?? Very Nice Work.. 6.1GHz with only 1.650v. Did you test it on water first??
  3. I see you did not like me using my HD-5970 for last months submissions. ROFL <- Going to sub with my GTX-1080 so I can BE 1st in last place.. He He..Ha Ha
  4. NICE :-) Driver 13.4, is this so that you can bench 3D Mark 01 (DX8) as 15.x also works??
  5. WOW :-) Did you have to do any special settings to get it to run on the x299?? BIOS Version Used??
  6. Nice work.. you need to search for RAUF’s memory OC guide on the x99 platform. It should help lower your timings :-)
  7. I see the single core going like SuperPi - Max speed on 1-2 cores all others disabled.
  8. While you got it rolling -> Testing your ENTIRE collection of video cards?? You have any AMD/ATI??
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