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  1. I thank YOU ALL for your great comments I brought this up because some Motherboards/CPU's are allowed and some are not. Most of the time, it's not until after you have submitted that you find out there is a problem. I know if you are at least a little interested in benching, you will have a stripped version of your current OS. <- This is Basic 101 (Make a backup in-case you bork your current setup) that is always repeated to the Rookies @ Overclockers.com, Overclockers.net, HWBot.org, and many other Overclocking sites. It's because of the Rookie Overclocker, that the Motherboard makers are now looking at/advertising to ($$$$). Thank You For Your Time
  2. That's a COLD CPU :) No more Frosty pictures??
  3. I would like to re-open this tread only because MS/Intel/AMD is making it harder to bench on Win XP/7. I'm not a CODER or totally understand the requirements involved to move the older stuff forward. I'm looking at the 3D benches that need to be moved to Win 10. I know that we have had people help bring the AquaMark and Heaven benches up to speed/easier to work with on the Windows 7 OS. Is it possible to bring these up to being allowed in Windows 10?? I only bring this up because BOTH benches represent a LARGE % of points for good runs. I understand about Catzilla being dropped as there was no longer developer/coding support. We have our own HWBot.org Version of Unigine Heaven Benchmark, so I believe we have the possibilities of making this work. You will always have the 1% that will try to cheat but what about the other 99% that do this for fun??? Thank You For Your Time
  4. I will not be able to make it this year I had a total blast last year and realized that I had brought WAY TOO many items to try and bench in 3 days I wish you well on this years party
  5. Very Nice :) May I request more Frosty Pictures from your benching sessions???
  6. Still no Pictures??? We all love frosty pictures of the CPU under cold :)
  7. Is that RED Coolent or RED tubing??? Great Run :)
  8. MaddMutt

    Flashing a different GPU BIOS

    I hate doing this as WE HAVE many that need to cheat Here is my submission for my HD-6970 that is listed as 14th place: https://hwbot.org/submission/4047711_maddmutt_3dmark_vantage___performance_radeon_hd_6970_31518_marks Here is 3rd place with a HD-6950 : https://hwbot.org/submission/2947625_gubben_3dmark_vantage___performance_radeon_hd_6950_31476_marks/ There is NO WAY to tell between a HD-6950 and a HD-6970 except by GPU-Z's Shader and TMU's. I could EASILY CHEAT and re-submit this as a UNLOCKED HD-6950->HD-6970 and have 3rd place. This is a increase of 20.1 for Hardware Points and 62.5 for Hardware Team Power Points and this is just ONE (1) submission!! This is a Software Mod that unlocks a Comply disabled SM cluster/unit/or what ever AMD calls it. This would be the same as a Software Mod that unlocks the SM on a GTX-780/980/1080 and made it into a GTX-780Ti/980Ti/1080Ti. This Software Mod would only work on the cards released in the first 6-10 months. These cards are listed/claimed on the Bot as the lesser cards (The card/picture says it's a non Ti version) but GPU-Z shows them as the better cards. ^ This may be a losing fight and if so, I apologize for taking up the valuable time of other members and staff in reading my rantings/comments. Thank You For Your Time In Reading And Replying MaddMutt (M_M)
  9. MaddMutt

    Tweak book for cheats

    For me, it will save the score locally but will crash when I try to upload it to the Bot. I have not tried the new version as it did not have point's for it. I will give it a try if it loses OpenCL because of problems with it. Install AMD video card and it works. Uninstall the driver with DDU. Install a Nvidia GTX-5xx with drivers. GPUPI 3.2 refuses to run because of an OpenCL xxx.ddl file not found. I don't need OpenCL when running a Nvidia card as CUDA is faster. I have found that installing the Intel OpenCL driver allows me to get around this error.
  10. Did you run this setup because you FORGOT (rofl) how long ago you had benched it. :) How much dust did you have to remove before you could run it??
  11. MaddMutt

    Flashing a different GPU BIOS

    This is not some basic flashing a different BIOS so that you can use overclocking software or being able to adjust the voltage. This is unlocking the CPU or GPU into a new/upper class. Here is links to my x2-555 and x4-B55 example. Here is the X2-555 competing in CB-15 ONLY against other 2x-555 --- 2 Active Cores. https://hwbot.org/submission/2802999_subaruwrc_cinebench___r15_phenom_ii_x2_555_be_329_cb Here is the SAME x2-555 UNLOCKED to a 3c CPU competing against other x2-555 (x4-B55) unlocked to 3 ACTIVE CORES. https://hwbot.org/submission/3948563_ale_belo_cinebench___r15_phenom_ii_x2_555_be_501_cb/ Here is a x2-550 2c unlocked to a 4c (x4-B50) competing against other x2-550 unlocked to 4 active cores. https://hwbot.org/submission/3288502_johni5_cinebench___r15_phenom_ii_x2_550_be_505_cb/ When I first started flagging the HD-6950's as HD-6970's -- In many of the benches you had to go back 5-6 places before you found a true HD-6950. If I'm wrong in this...Then I humbly apologize and will not make any further inquires or other comments regarding this.