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  1. I just got my CB-20 (i7-8700k) black listed because the bench picture was covered. I was using BM 0.8.1 and sub the score at the beginning of the comp. I have since burned a cpu pin and will not be able to rebench the board. I thought this was the whole reason for the use of BM as it takes out the guess work. It also make up for when you make small mistakes like forgetting to include XX tab. FYI -> The current leading team also has the CB-20 picture covered. Does this make theirs illegal?? Thank You
  2. I would normally be okay with what is voted by the community. I have a problem with x265 2.2 in scoring. This my be classified as a BUG or a CHEAT it's all how you wish to look at it We have the x265 4K 2.2 in this years TC - 2019. I pulled out my "OLD i3-6320" to compete in the Dual Core section. I noticed that SWEET - (I've talked to and also looked at other scores) using the same Motherboard and CPU combo - BEAT - -> Destroyed <- my x265 submission. I had over 1.3GHz higher CPU&IMC speed but he scored 2x better than me??? https://hwbot.org/submission/3955708_maddmutt_hwbot_x265_benchmark___1080p_core_i3_6320_8.845_fps Is this problem reproducible YES... Here are screen shots of the the x265 1080p and 4K results. I do not have my system overclocked but running at BIOS default. Is this limited to only this CPU, CPU/MB combo, Software, Ect, Ect??? Thank You
  3. You be Rolling in that 5.0 :) I Mean 6.5 :) As always - I love the Frosty Picture.
  4. Very Nice :) I also Love the Frosty Picture that was included - Thumbs Up -
  5. Can you update the front page to tell us what version is current. You could just leave Version number blank and have link to benchmate.org instead of having to search.
  6. Nice OC on the CPU ring :) That's some great Memory - is that retail or binned??
  7. That is some cold water you got on that CPU. What did you use under the IHS, LM or KPE TIM???
  8. Considering that his MAX with this chip is 6600, this is all it has. He could be getting ready (NDA) for Intel's next CPU. Which is why he sold his collection :-)
  9. I passed up the opportunity to grab that card and got a Gigabyte GTX-295 instead. I know this is dead but the BOT has always be on top of classifying different cards. A good example is the GTX-460. There is the 192bit/768MB version and the 256bit/1024MB version. Maybe they ruled this way as there was only xx made compared to the xxxx -295's that where made??
  10. That's looks like a FUN place to be :-) I see jiccman1965 in the FAR back Right and Hotrod717 up front in middle. I believe I see aerotracks on the right also. -> FUNSOUL TAKING PICTURE
  11. I'm not sure if this is the correct thread or not. This is really about GPUPI 3.2 and GPUPI 3.3.2. I use the bench to give me a quick GPU core and memory OC. I upgraded HWINFO to latest version which 3.2 does not support. Version 3.2 is also the current one to give points OKAY HERE is my PROBLEM -> I have a GTX-980 KPE and a GTX-980Ti KPE that are in mint condition. When I bench either version of GPUPI, it does not make my memory run @ set speed. Both Video cards have the memory @ 1753 default speed. The GTX-980 runs the bench with the memory @ 1500 and the GTX-980Ti @ 1653. I can set my memory to xxxx but GPUPI still runs it at the slower speed. I hope this is a problem with the program and not my cards. Thank You For Your Time 🙂
  12. Please Include pictures :) I also have the z170 OCF but bought a z370 just to be safe.
  13. No Love for your DARK MB?? Do you have any Frosty Pictures :) Nice OC on that HD-6950 Thumbs UP :-)
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