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  1. Any Pics of the card or is it just a reference/generic HD-7970 (8pin+6pin)??
  2. Nice work on that Classified :-) Are you going to submit any 3D benches??
  3. ^ I’ll have to defer to MR.Scott on this as I don’t have many of the old stuff CPU’s. The old NVidia Video cards GeForce 9800 gt(x) (gtx-2xx) and below only give a ~ 50/75 MHz Overclocking on the gpu/mem. The board makers separated themselves by having the highest oc’ed factory card. These cards cost $$$ more than the standard version BUT we (old school) bought the lower cards and then oc’ed them ourselves.. <- Am I right or not?? ^ Then how where we different ~ 10-15 yrs ago wanting/wishing for a faster card by: - mounting a different heatsink/fan - putting the gpu/mem under water/chilled for more speed - Ect..Ect. And we are still doing this with today’s gpu’s & CPU’s! The biggest change is that we have easier access to Dice/LN2 pots. We need to have the new people with whatever games/benchmarks they wish. Just like aquamark3 was introduced yrs ago and had to be modified to fix problems so to will any future benchmark! I know it is a headache to have to fix/recode around problems BUT we also need new coders to help. No new people = the death of this site. Overclocking will always be here, if not then EKWB would be out of business.
  4. Who makes your memory? 12-11-10-24 - WOW!! Dual better than Quad memory?
  5. My quick 2 cents on the gaming thing. If you Tweak the games people play to run faster (IE... Metro, COD, GTA) does this not also translate into faster 3D Mark DX11 and DX12 Scores?? So if we can show the new crowd how to make their games run faster = better Bench Scores - is this not a Win-Win combo? It would be great to have a 100% fool proof submission system BUT it's NEVER going to happen 😞 . On TO SOMETHING ELSE - How about having the required INFO (hardware CPU/GPU/Memory/MB, Pictures of MB/CPU/Cooling, any comments or thanks to, ECT..ECT ) prefilled out (either auto or manually) before submitting so that it requires less time after submission. ^ You will always have the 1% that will cheat BUT the other 99% should not have to suffer because of these FEW.. ^ I'M OLD... forgive me as sometimes I forget things... -> JUST A QUICK Reminder <- What where we talking about again???
  6. You still have some more speed left in that GPU if you put it under water :-) or freeze it.
  7. That is a awesome card :-) Do you have anymore shots of it?? Did you V/M mod it?? Is that a Lightning??
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