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  1. Year old bench, forget to submit, fast test for review And you know what... 2080ti is out, not interesting anymore.
  2. Nah.... Where it is ? nvm, score still sux, ill take care about it with next submit. Do you know, whitch service affect this ?
  3. Heh, 5,5 AVX X265 done at 1.6 is ok, becouse i have temp above 80 degree, but CB, whitch is weak compare to it is not possible, makes sense again. even if +30 will be real and not bugged due to high priority lol. I also have LN2POT home, doest it mean i have to be in extreme ? Good that you logged off..
  4. Hmm wow, "you were using chiller for years and couldnt reach 5,8 with it" and now i hit hit without it ? Yeah, that makes sense... I didnt hit 5,8 in 3D simply becouse i didnt benched 3D. please stop disturbing comunity.
  5. Damn, your right... nevermine, result sux anyway, will rebench it. For avalanche: 1) you expecting same temperature over 3 minutes 4K AVX load be same like CB 15 for 30 seconds ? Kidding me ? 2) if you running CB with realtime, than everyhing freezes, so as single cores, thats why you have package temperature over it. Write to anyone who you want, cause noone with brain and eyes who saw 4,5 hours video proof without single cut scene will be confused of it except you. Anyway this sub is without MB tab, in normal world mods will probably accept it, but i dont wana make tham mad more becouse of you.
  6. get out of my sub dumb & report it again please.. mods will be glad for it for sure...
  7. Yeah, but its not necesarry means that all these subs will be there after end So idlike to know, if its clear or not.. -> instead i runn it at 99.9x55 whitch offcourse scores lower.
  8. comp. rulles: Max clock/cache speed of 5503Mhz monitored by HWinfo; OHM or CPUID HW PRO (running in the background during the run) I also had 5504 and iam not sure about it... my opinion -> bad accepted.
  9. exactly now i can run it on 32 gb system and than rise it.
  10. Thats 7700K i dont know, how 8700 works at 3D yet, i did only 2D with it.. And iam not sure, if its worth, cause guys with 9900k will probably beat it under Vantage. EDIT: speed.fastest: and whats wrong about it ? Its simple, AM3 = load near zero, without HT and without CPU test up to 3d05... 3DM 06 is way different, i passed it around 5.6G. Its more or less same like benching SPI vs XTU... My 8700k also passes it at 6,2G under SS.
  11. Hi, just wanted to ask, how to "addmemory" Also is there some way, how to "recover" system, where i did remove 12gb and system stuck without loading ? (it was at 2,2 with or without maxmem) Or i have to made new copy. Thanks
  12. I didnt find 7700k results on SS, but here is my 8700K whitch ends around 5,5 on water.
  13. Call me lucky bastard, hazarder, idiot or whatever you want, but no cheater please iam working on 260 now, but i will give you also some test from CB to compare, ofcousrse everything recorded.
  14. Could you see some chiller during this tests ? Can you show it to me please ?
  15. Dwarf, i didnt kill any single CPU since AMD Athlon Thunderbird 10 years back, especialy this one is 2 years with me, benched almost 500 hours between 1,55 - 1,63. But it doesnt mean, that i recomend it to you, risk it yourself Avalanche - get out conspiracy lower
  16. Its not my fault where you live, i live in middle of europe in same weather conditions like few billions of peoples arround the world, if you are uspet with it, deal with it. Peoples from Jamaica will be good at athletic sports, but bad at ICE Hockey and oposite, deal with it, if you are upset with it, then go into apprentice or dont complain about it, than you can fight my results if you want. Its not my fault, that you didnt invest your time into binning chips, i bought more than 30 peaces of 7700k. Its not my fault, that you didnt care about hwb revision and rising inportance of GPUS, i was collecting them more than 2 years and also get fucked up with bad sellers whitch sell somethink whitch was not working. Its not my fault, that you couldnt accept somethink, whitch is proved for 2 years with hours of video and with hundreds of tests. Ill be glad, if there will be merge like Karta mentioned in his thread, i dont have a problem to deal with it, but until this gona happen, please, dont write flames about me.
  17. No, its people like you. i gived you few hours of video proof and you still kidding... Bla bla bla, nonsese discusiot with you. Now lets hate my another result from today, move move.
  18. Keep writing, its a lot of fun with you. Same like with guys who belives in NWO, chemtrails & flat earth.
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