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  1. In other words this benchmark is a joke lmao You boot at 5 but oc in Windows benchmark doesn't detect the change in speed like cpu-z
  2. Almost beat me This happens a lot to me with ATI cards so don't worry about it... But if you have a chance I would re run it the last two test look kind of low but hope you don't beat me don't wanna run haswell and gpu on ln2
  3. Ocing older cards is like pcmark you wouldn't get the scores there getting with out newer tech But I had to do a clean install to get 88gtx to sli to show up under drivers was pita trying to get it to work but haven't tries it with older drivers yet on a new install
  4. why I asked for one then be against it rofl I'm going to oc stock 8800gtx's in sli today haha
  5. not fun to ppl that don't have ES and yeah so hard 1.6 vs my 1.8v yeah retail is so good
  6. then whats the point of submitting it? not a pro souldnt be using ES then... taking away from ppl in the oc league
  7. guess mine sucks 5.9 max so far 1.9v
  8. These BIOS/UEFI settings are private. Only the owner can see them. lmao
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