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  1. was taken from my email and uploaded from my phone, i will get the original from the bench drive with time stamp later when im home and compare, im past caring to be frank like being back in school
  2. well that looks nothing like my original, everything is distorted and blurred
  3. if its edited why would it be over multiplier and not frequency, all other ss show white blocks over all text so by that logic iv edited everything except the white areas in the first image, craziness is rife in here
  4. http://fotoforensics.com/analysis.php?id=ee778be6f13328f1c05af0b4d5f3d4cf975eba02.518103&fmt=ela xa's screen for comparison
  5. http://fotoforensics.com/analysis.php?id=388987116ca9f8fa2c5d23a7dc3f1224300ad477.2597268&fmt=ela this is the original image that i have re uploaded
  6. why would i photo shop the image after the fact if anybody wanted to cheat you would just change it in windows surely , what even is that i can see the colour difference it just looks like the colours are inverted.
  7. sorry dont understand the comments...i will happily recreate the score it did take a solid 9 hours bench to get this run
  8. the xtu phenomenon 2v4 dimm is to do with the memory trace topology connecting the cpu socket to memory slot, im not sure what the 2 types are called but basically on boards that scale with 4 dimm the memory slots are all connected then a bus goes to the cpu where as on boards that dont scale and perform better with 2 dimm each slot has its own bus to the cpu. its not as simple as just manufacturer for example asrock oc formula performs better with 2 where as the asrock extreme 7+ does scale with extra dimms
  9. ah ok cheers thought it was cpu type not memory, my bad, thanks
  10. my sub is not getting counted either, 5960x geek bench single core, i can see it in recent submissions but not in the UK total.
  11. do submissions have to be with 2 core cpus only? so you cannot disable cores / threads on 5930k/5960x?
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