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  1. Thanks guys, will try it I had on the cascade much more efficient runs and I have indeed played around with HPET and versions. So will try it for sure this weekend 👍
  2. gpupi we had already run, but eff was not okay. Need to investigate what went wrong there Afterward I will run it again GB is a good point, will do it for sure
  3. That's my new cascade guys !!!!! It is a monster I can tell you and it is beautifully build. With the new BartX EVAP design (good for 550Watt dummyload) and the skills of Peter this is one of the best unit in the world. Some numbers : I did not add a temp sensor to the side of the cpu, so I can only tell you the EVAP temps during the benchmarks. Core I9 7900X @ 5350-5400Mhz with around 1.5 Volt. CB15: Idle -110 degrees -> Load -106 degrees XTU: Idle -110 degrees -> Load -107 degrees CPU Vantage test : Idle -110 degrees -> Load -106 degrees These delta in temps almost
  4. You probably did the benchmark with the slow mode switch on That means the system is running @800 mhz
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