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  1. Looking for my name to change to psychoOC on both forum and hwbot? psychoOC is my original name everywhere else and the name people know me by, would much rather have the correct name vs the mistake name I did on this account.
  2. hey, can you delete this post? I re did this post with benchmate and want this existing none benchmate post gone so people can stop screaming at me. https://hwbot.org/submission/4474770_hogfire1993_cinebench___r11.5_ryzen_5_3600_22.9_points
  3. im with yeah 100%, just my little b450 can only do 1.55v, 1.3 soc (motherboard's max volts)
  4. yeah, just got it from best buy yesterday. It din't like the x570 impact, but it liked the b450 tomahawk lol
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