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  1. Hi, do you still have the Z170 OC F? PM me if you do, I'm interested.
  2. Preferably black and red but don't mind getting silver and red. Not looking for anything that overclocks that well, as it's going in an X99 System. Also preferably 8x4GB, but I don't mind 4x4GB/2x8GB
  3. Preferably £100~ for the board and no requirements for how the CPU overclocks.
  4. I fail to see how any of this invalidates his point that you never sent the board, it is inexcusable regardless of how you feel about previous actions. You have been paid for an item and you have not shipped it. You even resort to calling people names in private because of how he is putting this in public yet I remember maybe 5 people telling me (including Will) that you are hard to contact. I once tried to buy an xpower from yourself and you either dropped off the face of the earth, ignored me or as everyone else said, you don't respond to PMs. I find it disgusting that you think you are in the right because of what happened in completely irrelevant situations, do you believe you don't have to send the board because he "deserves" it or because you believe yourself to be better than him because you did all this for him and thus he isn't worth your time? I think the solution here is a full refund or he should take it to his bank and tell them he never received the item he paid for after trying countless times to contact you Learn to accept your mistakes
  5. Yeah, friend told me that but was trying to confirm. It seems they cost more than the i7s do due to PCI Lanes most likely.
  6. I'm looking to downgrade from my 4.5GHz 1.18v 5960X for some money to spend on other parts of my rig (probably monitor) and I wanted to know which Xeons can be BCLK OCed to at least 4GHz or more would be amazing.
  7. Is nobody else really really bored of 742 and how many points it gives?
  8. Oooo, sounds like fun! I think i'll stick with this Titan X for a while.
  9. X99s been great. OC Formula is a bit of a let down tbh so i'm switching over to an RVE soon. You been thinking of upgrading anything as of late or are you settling down?
  10. Weathers been real shit here tbh, hit summer and it got rainy instead of vice versa. Good benching weather though, Hbu?
  11. That's cool man. You going to be overclocking that laptop for shits and giggles?
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