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  1. 10L LD10 Dewar, this thing is mint and has the original cap. $120 + You pay for shipping Thermos' - $30 for all Pile O' Water-cooling and The Bag of Screws(TM) - $100 obo Sold to TheBloodSlug If you are new this is a kit for you. Has every screw, adapter, and a ton of thermal paste to bench.
  2. Its been a minute, but from what I remember nothing special. However, I really did not try and my methods were probably faulty.
  3. Its been a while since Ive been active but Im throwing in my hat and retiring. With life and school, I just cant get time to be back on the bench. All of this stuff unless explicitly stated is considered working. As is means AS IS and will be reflected in the PayPal invoice. Shipping to US for free only via USPS, unless you offer to pay for shipping internationally. I will try to answer question as quickly as possible but I am starting Organic Chem so dont expect an instant response unless it involves shipping. If you want to buy everything and pick it up, I will offer a steep discount. Located in Central Florida. Please, for the love of god, just send me an offer rather than asking what I want for a group of items. Otherwise I might just start asking MSRP. 😉 ADDED MORE ITEMS IN POST DOWN BELOW. K|NGP|N Dragon F1 Gemini 2.0 Anodized Red CPU pot with Fast/Slow base - $200 K|NGP|N Tek-9 FAT 6.0 GPU Pot(missing some thumbscrews) - $175 Sold to GTIJason 3x K|NGP|N Tek-9 SLIM GPU Pot(missing some thumbscrews) - $125/ea Sold to Gunslinger Open Bench Table Community Edition 051 of 200 - $100 SOLD to sabishiihito EVGA EVBot(case is in ok condition, fully working) - $225 Sold to GTIJason EVGA EPower(includes GT1030 it was attached to) - $125 ASUS OC Panel v1 - $25 ASUS OC Panel II - $35 Pending Sale EVGA 1600 P2 with all cables - $250 SOLD Off Platform Z170M OCF - $200, $250 with 6700k's 2x 6700K(one was a binned and delidded, AS IS, haven't tested or know if they work) - $75 for both Sold to TheBloodSlug X299 OC Formula w/7740X AS IS - (Again AS IS, either the board or the processor is broken, dont have a way to test) - $200 Maximus VII Impact -AS IS- needs what I suspect is a simple repair, broke for some reason while moving cases. Never been cold, def broken. - $60 Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3P AS IS - $50 obo Pile of 775 CPUs - Make an offer, these are AS IS and some are damaged from an asshole who threw them across a floor. Box O' GPUs - $70 obo EVGA 980 Ti K|NGP|N -AS IS- dont know if it works fine, had some driver issues but who knows, might be fine - $300 obo MSI 680 Lightning -$125 ASUS 980 Matrix Bare Card -$200 Sold to Gunslinger EVGA 780 Ti K|NGP|N & Classified's AS IS- One of these is broken and I dont have time or a test setup - $250 OBO for ALL KPE's Sold to Gunslinger, $50/Ea for Classy's that are left Box O' Memory -A Loooot of memory, mostly DDR4. AS IS - $275 Obo Sold to GTIJason
  4. Ill be coming with a few friends. Wiggles hwbot.org/user/wiggles Overclock.net I have a 30L and 10L dewar to loan, a few monitors and keyboards/mice.
  5. I bought a 7900X and literally bought a 7740K just before the ban, the 7900X only took 2 weeks to find. I even got a board that was available before the comp start to keep it honest. There are no real elites competing here and I doubt I will make an impact on the scores. But Bunny the few though right?
  6. Are we allowed to use hardware that comes out during the competition? A lot of good X299 mobos and rumors of Threadripper coming out before the comps over.
  7. Depending on if you take i95 or i76/676 into the city. If you are coming from i76: theres one on Market Street(Patriot Parking, should be $28 a day). If you are taking i95: Drive around anywhere near the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and there are tons of them around with cheap daily rates(might not be overnight, great for people staying for the day).
  8. If the parking is $49 a day at he hotel I would advise anyone not to pay to park there. Most garages are about $30 a day all over the city and are <20 min walk at most.
  9. Im in. I have a few monitors, a 10 and 20L, and knowledge of Philly.
  10. Whats the VRReady pin on the DIGI+ chip?
  11. Wiggles

    i3 6320

    Where are you local? Otherwise interested to buy.
  12. Any pre requisites to join Roman?
  13. Can I change my name to just "Wiggles"?
  14. Gigabyte X99 SOC-Champion -$150 Sale Pending Has some vaseline on the ram/pcie slots but otherwise good shape. No accessories, only box and mobo. Corsair Dominator Platinum Orange DDR4-3400 16G(4x4) kit -SOLD Fancy DDR4 made specifically for SOC Champ, nothing special about it anymore with B/E Die. Asus Rampage V Extreme -SOLD Was used a few times for H20 benching as my daily driver rig, has all accessories and box. Dimastech EasyXL Black with Extra Accessories -SOLD Prefer to ship only to US due to risk of breakage. Has Dual PSU mounts, Extra Fan booms, 2x Vandal Switches, and all screws. 1x 360 Radiator -Sold Hardware Labs SR2 Black Ice, bare Rad no screws or fittings. EK D5 Pump/Res Combo - SOLD Was in the EasyXL, has box with screws and vertical mount. I am willing to ship international I just need to get a quote for shipping first.
  15. Can you post the CAD files? I want to make some 3D printed accessories!
  16. I think this is a great way to keep pushing it. I love to hear my VRMs squeal when under a real load.
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