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  1. Missed 6300 MHZ by 10 MHZ but still got the best score for a 8700K on single stage in the ranking and made it into TOP20 for this CPU. Temperature is around -40°C - so not the best singlestage around, but definitly a great chip. Every MHZ more is directly bound to better temps - this chip loves cold! 6159 MHZ will crash on most 3D benches as soon as it goes from -40°C to -39.XX...what a picky brat... The only thing I can do for now.....is preparing the cascade!! €: awww webbi why so sad?
  2. Yeah just read it next morning - I was really tired and just dropped it here...reading helps 😛 It's becoming obvious I missed out some years, but I'm slowly getting into it again. Just disabled system-info and everything was fine. Dropped a first result and now can start do dig deeper. Too bad there is no tweak for the RTX and 01 yet...and I choose a board with only 1x PCI-E slot...*sight* Well, I will see what a single GTX580 can do Hey at least I figured out which version to use to avoid the slow down issue 😛
  3. Been running and pre-testing 3D stuff all night, downloading latest installers and so on...my file got rejected Anything wrong, what to do now? 472762.hwbot
  4. how we change CPU speed in windows these days? €: ah turbovcore okay, nevermind
  5. It's a little bug when the post (including a quote) ends with a smiley as I've just noticed You need to remove the smiley first and then you can edit everything...hey again what learned If there is no quote, editing seems fine...ah the tiny things...need to get used to the new forum environment 😛
  6. SS is not monstrous - week before tested it for -45°C on idle...more like the CPU which was tested for 5400MHZ PRIME on a good watercooling. @suzuki always benched 3 cores back then first, just gave it a 40 minute shot last week-end after spending ~2 hours getting my win7 working with almost no air pre-testing. Will go for 1 or 2 cores next time. @mods somehow I can't edit posts correctly (hence the double post) - when I try to edit, it will only allow me to edit the quotes but not my text of the original-post (using latest firefox)...
  7. Yeah I think you have a really good feeling about the 8700k and what are good chips capable off - thanks for that again! I just aimed for your targets and mainly nailed them That dude I bought it from has now put up his 5500 MHZ Prime cpu for 50€ more and I am seriously thinking about a trade-in...that CPU might do ~100MHZ more which is a lot when you don't have any LN2...I'm not even 1 week into benching and already rolling down the money-drain 😛
  8. heyyy, yeah it's been a while but after 6 years I needed to come back to check who's still around Good to see you're still here Hope I can join some classic 2D and 3D benching with this chip despite the lack of LN2 - doesn't look too bad for now. This chip will almost do 32m but my single stage can't hold it long enough (or voltages were just to high, I didn't test much until now) Was all directly out of the bios within 40-50 minutes - I think there is room for improvement and my cascade is still working as well, so I might be able to get some nice 05 or AM3 as well.
  9. 6 years away and the first - okay 2nd - thing I read is the old M.Beier joke...ah yeah, nothing has changed
  10. First quick run on my new 8700K. I only have some old G.Skill memory which can't keep up with the current B-Dies but raw MHZ wise this seems to be the highest 1m clock with a single stage in the 1m 8700k ranking...I'm kinda proud Will use the little spare time during the week for optimizing and making an image of my Win7...was quite difficult to get win7 working and don't want to go through this again. Then installing new 3D drivers and check for some classic 3D benches and hopefully AM3 as well. Too bad I still don't have any LN2 source...this chip would really deserve it cheers, SoF
  11. We had a special bios and unlock tool for the matrix cards back in the days. Still have 3 of them because they remember me of the best times I had in OC...need to check what I can find in my old software graveyard.
  12. SoF

    Moderator change

    Sorry to read that and knowing you long enough (must be at least 10 years..) this one wasn't easy for you... You moderated results, spotted cheaters/exploits... (even in our team and helped sorting things, just reminding redcobra stuff..)...competitions, facefooked, rules something...never did something wrong! You've been a great guy over all the years, like a backbone - 100% trustworthy....you've been part of AF & HWB team and will always be! Looks like R.I.P. OC 1998 - 2018 to me these days...almost no one left o_O
  13. Thanks, missed the other topics, was really wondering.
  14. Just noticed my Kaspersky will alert me whenever browsing the forum that the coinhive java plugin for Monero mining was blocked. Was it implemented on purpose to mine some revenue for the forums / hwbot or what's up with that?
  15. Nice to see Trouffman still fits in his wedding dress and Loopy is still around! Cheers guys!
  16. What a beauty beast! If you need some cheap spare parts / cascade for building another one just send me a PM - still have my old lady I don't use anymore and this would be a perfect base for another build.
  17. I enjoyed overclocking for many years (2004-2012 to be exact) while there was a community of "private" enthusiast who helped each other, sharing knowledge and had some cool events. Yet looking back I burned a lot of money and not a single record or hardware back from 10, 8 or 5 years ago has any value today. People benching hard with their private money these days should keep that in mind - your super expensive hardware of today and hours/days/weeks spent will be worthless in 1-2 years. I still have stuff like 3960X and 7990 here making me think "was it really worth it"... Additionally everytime new hardware comes out these days there will be some kind of exclusive events where manufacturers/dealers will make sure they set the bar so high that breaking the scores is nearly impossible for a normal overclocker as long as the generation lasts. I can't see any fun in that. But hey, I'm just a grumpy old man, who prefers profitable long-term investments and spending quality time with his family over burning money on meaningless (short-term) rankings and hwb-points. Might be the reason I've not been here for a very long time but I'm amused discussions like this are still a thing
  18. Spent the same ammount in BTC beginning this year and it hit 4900$ today...you my friend invest in the wrong kind of internet points And people think I actually work for my money, hahahahaha. €: And let my hardware mine Ethereum since last year, not this stupid bench stuff...can really recommend - less stress, much money, such life
  19. Looks like when selling hardware you have 85% chance to end up with either scam or people sending stuff back stating it as "defective". Sold my Antec 1200W PSU which was like a tank - nearly immortal if you ask me. Tested it right before selling it and everything was fine. The buyer claimed it shut down his entire power, blowing the fuses - I couldn't believe. Now I tested it here after getting it back and guess what - all I was greeted was a tiny bit of magic smoke when trying to fire it up again. WTF? I can't even imagine how this is possible - I still sended back 75 of 110€ just to close the case and got an email stating "I will inform ebay, leave negative comment, blablabla"... Seriously what's wrong with those people around ebay? And what on earth are they doing with the hardware they recieve? For now I only sell old console stuff and keep away hardware from there - it's just not worth the pain and time.
  20. I still have my account from Jan. 2002 - missed my 15th anniversary - never used that PayPal stuff and only had 3 or 4 cases I needed to settle during that time. And it payed out (literally) doing it on my own. People buying via IBAN are less likely to screw you and personally I buy a lot from sellers with good feedback only offering direct bank transfer. Spent 500€+ building up a decent NES collection lately and didn't had a single case of scam - maybe with hardware stuff it is more likely to run into trouble? Anyway don't loose trust in yourself just because others try to *beep* you.
  21. That's why I only accept IBAN - if somebody insists having gaypal -> sorry, buy somewhere else! Had one guy buying a 4x NAS from me some month ago - he would send me large emails about how the hardware was defective, he couldn't get it to work and so one...then I saw him selling it around 3 month later stating it "working fine, fan replaced for ultimate silence (I did that)"...I wrote him a short text what a braindead mofo dude he is...never read his reply, went directly in the trash, was just fun how he couldn't do anything about it because I had his money and was sure I sended a perfectly working item. Sad to read how many cases are actually ending bad for respected sellers. Conclusion of this topic can only be: don't use paypal or buyer protection when selling items. You might get a little less but you get your money for sure - if they want to have it back, they have to take the help of a lawyer and no scammer ever did that
  22. SoF

    Computex 2017

    Still dreamin' ?!
  23. Would be 15€ insured with tracking. €dit 21/04/2017 - topic closed, keep your eyes open for a new one within the next days / weeks.
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