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  1. I did manage to get hold of aspstein on facebook, and ofcourse he fixed this in a flash. Thanks aspstein, a greate guy and a gentleman cheers Problem solved...check
  2. lol, I was hoping people would see my sarcasm in my post ...cause its a "healty" OCD,if I may say so. As long as I can sit in my happycorner and overclock, Im happy...
  3. Yes, i got it,and im proud of it,they say its a disease,but im happy Sympthoms: When i see a computer or laptop i havent put my hansds on yet,im thinking. "whats the PLL on that baby" its not a matter of can it be overclocked, its just how high can i overclock it. My wifes electrical toothbrush: It sounded too slow, so i opend it up, changed a resistor here,and bypassed a wire there. Wow, now its fast..now it must be like 600rpm faster...for like 2minutes, a small puff of smoke and the familiar scent of burning plastic hit me... Oh,well...wife mad, got herself a new toothbrush...so its cool I had too much hardware, the wife (again) said: "John, whats all this hardware just laying around here for, get rid of some of it" Well, if the wife is mad, we all know what happend, sleeping on the couch can be ok for a day or two, but the bed is soo much nicer so i got on the case. Sold 6 cpus,4 motherboards, 3 gfx cards, 2 psus.... all well,wife happy...until... DAMN, two of the cpus i havent run hwbot prime with yet...grrrr. Still thinking about that...lol it bugs me.. Its moore,yes lots moore, but I leave it here..whats youres?
  4. Yes, Ive done that ...and so you fix the problem, or the wrong entrys....youre so fast..thanks In my case it was 3dmarks with the 6620g gpu, and I found out a few of those high score entrys had like 5-7K higher score than us guys without dualgraphics onboard, easy to see what was going on... cheers
  5. I would say...pretty damn good job mister Nice efficient...good run lets see, its around the 12`th spot in the Sandy rankings
  6. Either way how this turns out, I have created some new hwbot-topics on diskusjon.no. Im hoping for some new oc-blood in the Norwegian overclocking community, and lots of fun.
  7. I joined Hwbot back in 2006 say my hwbot profile,but for some reason i could not get my nickname "nassuz" to get access to the forums this summer, so i had to change my forumnick to "Nassuz1", and now im also waiting on those 90 days... Not that I will miss anything (I think), but its kinda wierd
  8. Yes,but quite a few people do submit wrong when they have dualgraphic on those apu`s.
  9. Have anybody else done a same clock comparison between windows 7/Linux/OSX for this benchmark? Im really thinking about doing one myself between windows 7 64bit and Ubuntu 64bit just because..... curiousity! Im not touching anything OSX related, i get a rash,and my stomach gets the flue if i do
  10. So, it seems like they are all inactive for a long time I dont have their email, maybe Knut have? I was a Captain in the early days of OC Team Norway together with aspstein, we created the team together on diskusjon.no forum. I quit due to my irl situation (im a familyman,got a kid who needed all my attention) I been lurking here now for a long time and it seems like im the only one active team member left..lol. So, can we change that by contacting the old capitans
  11. What i hate moore than cheaters.......cheaters that WONT give up, pro cause they are too stupid to stop. Ban him,put him on a blacklist. Submitting fake scores on a international forum/database is someting different, what a jerk.
  12. Good oldschool stuff, but missing memory tab in cpuz and missing gpuz aswell
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