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  1. Have an 8GB (2x4GB) kit of Corsair Dominator Platinums 2800MHz CL12 or was it CL14, comes boxed, well looked after, TBH, never overclocked either, asking for £90 plus postage. Sadly, not the 8Gb sticks you'd like?
  2. Anyone? Keep missing half decent ones, would take an ES one but mss those on the Bay as well.
  3. After a cheap CPU to get my system up and running, after anything cheap as possible, so Xeons etc. If you've got anything, please LMK, not after a crazy OC'er, don't need it (I know). Thank you.
  4. Have an Asus Rampage IV Extreme if interested? I'll get shipping quotes before sending over a price as I'm unsure what the Pound/Euro is like ATM. PM me your address, well part please, thanks.
  5. Please close, having second thoughts on WC'ing this GPU, thanks.
  6. Send Doug2507 a PM, he's got Alex@ro's 8GB TridentZ's that did something like that, though don't know what you'd be happy paying as he was after £125 plus postage for them.
  7. Just throwing this out in the hope someone might have a surplus or spare block to fit my EVGA GTX980 SC ACX. Let me know what you and price, PM or here, thanks.
  8. Doug2507 has a 8GB TridentZ kit for £125, unsure on what its capable of, you'll have to ask him. I'm going to be putting up a 32GB 4000MHz C18 TridentZ kit, not been overclocked, sorry.
  9. Anyone? Was looking to trade possibly hence my ask. Thanks.
  10. Well, want a change of RAM possibly, or going with some smaller kit of similar speed! So, could anyone tell me how much my kit may fetch please? Not been overclocked sadly, 4000MHz was plenty for me. :worried: Should have the box somewhere but ATM, lets go with it being unboxed. Thanks. RAM Model: G-Skill F4-4000C18Q-32GTZ - Specs here: Go on! Take a PEEK, you know you want to!
  11. Have an i3 4150 if interested? Price in mind?
  12. Its not reference the Lightning, is it?
  13. I_Upgrade

    2 pieces 6700K

    Sorry, new here, how long have they been used and for how long at the high voltages please? You have any photos of the CPU's without the box/plastic containers enclosed on them? Any warranties on them? Finally, how would you post to the UK? Thanks.
  14. Really tempted by one of these but as Sparks say, waiting to see what the competition bring, though if there's nothing anytime soon, I think I'll be having one of these.
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