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  1. How to change BIOS, so that you can choose all 6 cores, not 4, as now? I choose a multiplier for all kernels in BIOS, 47 and after the boot in Windows I see 3700. Then I open the A-Tuning program and through it I change the frequency of the processor - the frequency becomes the same as that I will put out in this program.
  2. I replaced took the BIOS Z17MOCF7.51D_CFL, then extracted the GUID 17088572-377F. then I added all the regions from the 7.50 bios to it. Added to it the extracted GUID 17088572-377F. After that, the system started. but what is this ? loading 67% in the task manager vs 2 % on the HWiNFO.
  3. I asked for BIOS from z170m oc formula Z17MOCF7.51D_CFL with it started, but because of bad contact with the socket - in some position of the processor - it does not load .. with BIOS Z17MOCF7.51D_CFL - a lot of things do not work on my z170 extreme 4
  4. I somehow restored these contacts. they do not play a special role. 6700k works well. 6700k works well and without these contacts.
  5. Last post code 78 and cycle reboot in manual: 61 - 91 Chipset initialization error. Please press reset or clear CMOS.
  6. Not Worked. 6700k and 8700k not work. programmer ch341a Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ki5LNJmkzFZNzvVF72BH-CGB_aef3p2f the post code behavior is identical, both on the 6700k and on the 8700k. now 8700k is not included in the post code 00. Began to heat up, like 6700k.
  7. I can not understand now, why so? I found a link where worked 8700k on extreme4, but I'm not sure if it's true.
  8. where exactly ? Here ?: if there, then I tried both options at the same time - the situation is similar.
  9. i solder here. In doing so, removed the jumper on the processor. But start post code 00 and off. Maybe it's in the bios? Could you make a BIOS under z170 extreme4?
  10. need to find these 2 pins on the board that come from the socket. after - connect them with a wire? how will I find it? I do not have a boardview.
  11. This task is almost impossibleI. I hoped that everything would be more optimistic.
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