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  1. I will be getting ln2 sometime next week, anybody interested joining me for some ln2 fun? It has been quite a while since I have benched or overclocked, so not going to be anything competitive or serious, mostly fun. Going to put my 5600x under sub zero, you can bring components or give support, have beer etc Location: NW London UK
  2. Yes the real vcore, cold bug was -136c. Please feel welcome to ask more questions.
  3. That's not a skill I've developed yet, can someone please give me a link of a guide where I can learn such skills as I wish to take part in next years competition.
  4. Are you accusing me of cheating? If you are then that's not so very nice of you, what's your evidence???? The card I have is special, it's made by Galaxy and uses a mobile gpu, it's quite a rare card, not many where made. I think it's only readily available in the far East, I bourght it from a Chineese guy. The card does not use any pci-e power connectors, the memory is quite awefull but the gpu is great. There are a lot of cheater's on hwbot but I'm not one of them (I pride myself on being honest like most people in the UK), I have seen a lot of abnormal scores and submisions also one's with no screen shots, nothing ever get's done.
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