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  1. How and screens? Just curious not looking to buy though.

    Updated with pictures. Copper colour scratch on IHS is from vice, that has nothing to do with rest of cores not working.

  2. so its still ok for super pi? how good i the imc?

    The performance of a single core is as it should be and can be overclocked normally.

    One guy already wants to buy it, so it's reserved for now.

  3. How and screens? Just curious not looking to buy though.

    I can post pictures this evening, CPU wasn't damaged by modifications or anything like that.

  4. Selling i5 4670k that has only one core working. Price 40€ + shipping.

    I will post pictures if somebody is interested.

    Updated with pictures.

  5. have a spare i7 870 not needed anymore as my GD-80 gave up

    asking 100€ shipped

    any requests please let me know

    will upload photos as soon as i disassemble the system where it is


    How much would it cost to ship to Latvia?

  6. Did you delid it? Or any other HW mods? High voltage? Try it in different motherboard?

    No, my CPU just gave up. I tried lots of things, but all showed that CPU is at fault. It's working in bios, but BSOD's while booting Windows with 4 cores enabled. If I switch it to 1 core it's working.

  7. My 4670k just partly died ( only one core working ), so I'm looking for any haswell i3/i5/i7 replacement, but I'm on pretty low budget ( I'm 17, so my income is super low ).My budget is in 100-150€ price range. Badly binned K CPU's are welcome.

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