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  1. hi ,guys ,tgis is me presentig my 4690k with my msi z97-g43 . vcore stock with oc genie activated. tips are welcome .
  2. hi , i have here to sell my r9 280x with coolmod waterblock , how much you think it worth it ? And iff anyone is interested send me pm . thank you
  3. Yes, I don't try it 1600 6.7.6 , but i post a result in a few moments. Edit: 1600mhz 6-7-6 :Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  4. @emissary42, thay make 2000mhz 6.13.6/24 and 1600mhz 6.10.6/24, but i will try right now . Edit: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet , it´s like this ? and this ? Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  5. @Bullant and @speed\.fastest , maybe next weeken i will try in another system ...(3770k + msi z77 gd 45 )
  6. Hi,thanks for the tip ,and i will post it the haswell/devils canon OC thread . XTU points it is .
  7. @Bullant and @emissary42 , the set doesn't boot with 2600mhz 12/12/12/35...anything above 2400mhz don't boot, i don't know if its because the mobo or maybe the CPU that can't handle
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