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  1. Lays

    [WTB] Ln2 Dewar

    If anyone has a decent dewar, I'm currently looking for one. Please let me know what you have, and the price you're looking for. Thanks!
  2. How much for shipping to USA, 97301 postal code, if it's reasonable I'll take it.
  3. I noticed a lot of weird stuff whilst looking at his submissions, nice to know you got to the bottom of it. Thanks Splave.
  4. seems like bugged run, not amazing efficiency look at xtreme_addicts score of 1802, 5/5 4133 ram, no way 4990 mhz with slower cache & way slower RAM gets 1800 without a bug.
  5. It's called turbo because that's the name for that style of cooler, they had it back on the 970 I think, made it for "SLI" or some crap.
  6. You don't find it weird that you had lots of 1775-1785, than randomly one run at 1797? Lol.
  7. I think you mean 980 TI perhaps? Because the 1080 slaps the 980 around.. lol
  8. Tek 9 fat sold to bigblock990
  9. PayPal only, free shipping to US48. Heatware: Reviews/Feedback for LaysDarren | HeatWare.com 1: AKG K712 - $190 shipped to US48 They're in great condition, I have all the original packaging + extra cable + carrying case thingy. ( Box in picture isn't included, that's the box for my HD800) Selling them because I just bought Sennheiser HD800's 2: SOLDSOLDSOLD K|NGP|N Cooling TEK-9 Fat GPU LN2 pot - $180 shipped to US48 SOLDSOLDSOLD Product page: https://kingpincooling.com/collections/extreme-pc-cooling/products/tek-9-fat Used in good condition, already covered in insulation and ready to go, I have all the original mounting hardware & a thermal probe included. 3: SOLDSOLDSOLD K|NGP|N Cooling F1 Gemini 2.0 Anodized Blue - $150 shipped to US48SOLDSOLDSOLD Product page: https://kingpincooling.com/collections/extreme-pc-cooling/products/dragon-f1-gemini-2-0-anodized-blue Used but in pretty good condition, it comes with 2 bases, one is "fast" one is "slow". I have some insulation for the pot, and all the screws + mounting hardware, as well as a thermal probe I'll throw in with it. Picture:
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