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  1. I've got two sticks of Ripjaws 4 2400 C15, from a 4X4GB Kit, uploading time stamp soon https://imgur.com/a/8jJir8F
  2. Has anyone here ever attempted to run a fermi card on LN2 Without the IHS? I am pretty sure that my card will have some horrible thermal paste and I am wondering if I can run direct die or if I should just fill it up with kryonaut and move on?
  3. This thread gets updated a few days before I plan on getting mine, lucky me
  4. So if you can get current ES Hardware through ANY means you're elite? Alright, thanks for clearing up
  5. TheGamingBarrel`s XTU score: 1091 marks with a Core i5 4690K Enough proof that we are all crazy?
  6. But what happens if I were to buy a large amount of G.Skill ES RAM From members from here? It would show in the SPD That it's ES, and if I have multiple sticks it would look like I have gotten them from G.Skill, or that I can buy ES 6700K's off of eBay, not actually taking a dig at you, merely curious.
  7. Thanks so much man, will have a look as to what is avaliable to me
  8. Does anyone know what age chips are usually stronger? Looking for some backup benching / daily RAM
  9. Sorry, but I will have to pass then
  10. Looking to buy one for a friend, needs to be in perfect condition, thanks for the space Shipped to UK Please
  11. Looking for a Z170 Board good for Non-K OC with some cold, perfectly fine with boards that are insulated. Looking for 160 Euros or below, long shot but hope you guys have something you don't need
  12. I have been trying to get memory as stable as my Impact, using 2 different kits, this is the level I am trying to reach But with normal RTL's and IOL's, I have tested my SA Volts from 0.9 to 1.2, finding that 1.125 To be the sweet spot with my CPU, I am also running +.25V on both IOA And IOD, I have also found that I cannot run full tight, or even get into windows at 8-12-8 2600, needing 8-13-9 To get into windows at higher volts than the impact and still not passing what would at tighter timings, for reference on the Impact I was able to run 4-5-4-15-4-4-4-4-11-11-1, on this MPOWER I am only able to run 4-5-4-15 With the rest on auto, I will upload some BIOS Screenshots in a bit
  13. Sorry what? I can't hear you over my "0MHz" CPU
  14. In the top right of the submission, click edit, then on the very top, where it says score, change it to 996.
  15. Can someone please tell me if those RAM slots are hanging off? The socket was damaged yes, but causing me to wait those many months while you seemingly twiddled your thumbs and got on with other work, despite that I have paid you to get the board back, I have gotten the shipping return but feel that I am entitled to get the board or at least a partial refund of the board. Andrew, I fully understand he is busy, but no one should be made to wait as many months as I did, whenever I get something damaged in shipping, for example when I sold @Samzarulz a part that got damaged, I had to pay him out of my pocket, excluding the shipping, hoping that my claim would be accepted because its important to get that money back in their hands, or a working product. I was also promised a board by you, but did not receive it, why go back on your word? Doesn't help your case at all.
  16. Destroyed a slot on it, are you bonkers? I have pictures somewhere that I will attach of the board before I sent it, I told you about the socket pins and you said that you will definitely get me an new board since you are on good terms with the giga reps, a week passed and you message me saying that "I have a board for you from gigabyte" "your board could not be repaired" which implies pretty strongly that you have my original board, in a non functioning state, I proceed to muster up the money for a repair to that board, so about a month later I ask about someone at OCUK repairing it, I get told that it is not in a broken state, so I pay postage to get it here, 4 Months pass and still no board, every month I ask about the board, to no reply, to the point where I am driven to making this post,, to where I instantly get a response. Will upload pics of the board later.
  17. I am trying to contact with the user 8 Pack as I wish to finish a deal that was started a while ago I wont go into details, but it is an RMA That hasn't quite got here All I ask is for him to finish the deal as I know he is a good person and I need a board to bench cold with. I have attempted to contact him via PM on skype, only to receive no reply.
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