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  1. What would be considered an average IMC on Haswell-E? I struggle to even get 3200 (no matter what latencies) to boot without dropping channels? Not sure if more VCCSA would help, didn't try beyond 1.05V yet. Also awkward is that sometimes the channel is there, but instead of the full 8GB only 4GB are detected. Did anyone try the A.5 MP BIOS for the XPower yet? If so, is the Ring OC1/OC2 voltage gone for you as well? DDR OC1/OC2/OC3 are still there however.
  2. The issue might not only be related to the BIOS flash itself. I've had a stick of RAM going bad while trying to load optimized default before attempting to flash A.40. Was on A.30 at that time, in case it matters. To make it more clear, the stick of RAM stayed dead afterward, RMA'd it already.
  3. BIOS A4 for the X99A Xpower is available on the MSI page now. Wonder what the changes to the (apparently) pulled A3 are?
  4. Seems like the A30 BIOS got removed from the MSI page for some reason. I've downloaded it a week or so ago, if needed I can provide the file.
  5. Reported to MSI tech support now, hopefully this can be fixed for all boards as the issue isn't limited to this board alone.
  6. Just tried A31 for a brief moment. The interface in BIOS looks quite cool but there are some issues with it. - My Soundblaster ZxR is not recognized at all. Working fine on A20 BIOS. The card does get power though as I can hear the relay click. - System seems to hang at A9 postcode when devices are connected to the Asmedia USB3.1 ports. It immediately resumes booting when unplugging these devices, no reset button or anything needed. - System seems to hang on windows boot with some devices connected (Vendor ID 1DD2) to the Intel USB3.0 ports. Only continuing to boot when pressing the reset button. - With the exact same OC settings A31 lacks a good bit of memory bandwidth in synthetic benchmarks. There also seems to be less real-world performance in very memory intensive workloads. - Motherboard temperature is reported as 96°C in BIOS which hopefully isn't true. - Artwork in the BIOS seem to come from one of the Gaming series boards (red instead of yellow) Since some of my USB devices have been a mess in general with this board (regardless of BIOS version), is there some way for me (or maybe the BIOS engineers) to disable some vendor ID devices on boot?
  7. Additional info! It seems to be linked to having Ring OC2 on AUTO. Setting VRing and Ring OC2 manually, everything works as expected as long as voltage is high enough obviously. Setting VRing manually while OC2 is on AUTO, the system very likely runs into a bootloop and needs a CMOS reset. Setting Vring and OC2 on AUTO works, but potentially sets higher Ring volts than what is actually needed for stable operation.
  8. @pepi: Do you happen to know whether there is anything new regarding the Ring OC issue when not using AUTO for ring voltage? Seems like anything higher than Ring ratio 36 only works when using auto volts, manually fixing them (to the same value as AUTO suggests) results in a bootloop which can only be fixed by CMOS reset. Haven't tried it on the A31 beta that's floating around in the MSI forum though.
  9. Wow, that was quick. Thanks a lot! I guess the automatic increase in VRing at ring multipliers over 38 is fixed in the new BIOS? EDIT: It seems the BIOS is a bit wonky when it comes to Ring OC. Despite the ring voltages being available, I can't seem to boot with ring over 3600 MHz. Shows post code A9 for a while and then just shuts off the entire system. Powering up again does not really do anything, needs a CMOS reset in order to boot again. Booting 4 GHz Ring was no issue on TC8. POST times seem a lot faster with the new BIOS though.
  10. Not sure about the DOS version of it, but with the windows version I'd recomment putting -savemac behind it, too keep the mac addresses.
  11. I guess you're trying to flash via M-Flash? AFAIK that doesn't work with a test bios, you need to use FPT to flash it.
  12. Thanks a lot! I guess Ring OC voltages are going to be available at some point on the X99A Xpower MP BIOS, too? Is there anything I can do to prevent the board from increasing VRing when increasing ring ratio? Seems like x39 forces around 1.2V VRing, x40 already 1.25V.
  13. What is the suggested setting for the Phase switching when doing a 24/7 setting. Trust the Auto rule or disable the phase switching? Is there a guideline for the Ring OC and DDR OC voltages? How much is needed / safe to use?
  14. As far as I know, you need to flash the unoffical BIOS with FPT. You can grab the FPT Tool in the X99 BIOS thread here. The threads linked below should explain how to use it. Did that as well on my board with the TC7 BIOS, worked as expected. http://forums.tweaktown.com/gigabyte/27576-bios-flashing-how-qflash-guide-post467828.html#post467828 http://www.overclock.net/t/1510355/gigabyte-x99-motherboard-discussion-club/180#post_22982240
  15. Any estimate when a new official BIOS is coming? Is there a decent way to report boot issues with certain USB devices?
  16. Is the Ring OC voltage stuff supposed to show up on the A10 BIOS? I've not yet checked out any of the test bios versions.
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