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  1. UEFI 1403 in this post. UEFI 1403-SP42M by The Stilt in this post.
  2. Thank you all for help. Just to make sure I was not nuts I tried just a straight up CPU Frequency sub on HWBot. Copy and paste of address of sub then equals fail on submit. This included https://, I then changed only url from https://valid.x86.fr/chln2e to http://valid.canardpc.com/chln2e it worked. So did sub here same way and all AOK. It was more hard work getting the sub done then gaining the OC .
  3. jab383 I tried that and I tried Chino's suggestion on ROG forum of using: valid.canardpc.com/975tx1 This is the error I get again same as before the night I ran the bench, then same following morning when trying again. I did have the screenie/system rig images in sub but those get removed after the error. Done subs before on OC-Esports / HWBot never had this issue . I'll try another run and get another validation and report back.
  4. https://valid.x86.fr/975tx1 Tried submission several times but the CPU validation link not accepted. Any help/insight be welcome, thanks.
  5. When I use submit button and enter HWBot username/pwd I get this, then once click OK I get this. So the way I did the sub is just by uploading data file and screenie using PRTSCRN. Now is this breaking rule:- Cheers. *** edit *** I see data file has the screenie , so guess I'm all good?
  6. 1106 did not allow voltage change for several of us on OCN. The UEFI is supposed be removed from Asus site but delay AFAIK. 1107 is working AOK so far for several of us, in this post by Elmor.
  7. The Stilt posted this info on OCN regarding LLC on C6H, this one is also good information. Then Raja@Asus also did some oscilloscope tests, see this post, then in this post he states the same thing as The Stilt on "voltage point". Then a member did some testing of ProbeIt point vs Socket using DMM (which will not show under/overshoot like oscilloscope). The conclusion was drawn that CPU Core Voltage (SVI2 TFN) in HWiNFO is ~ what CPU get, but again as SW and slow read, accuracy is a factor IMO. So I use as "ballpark".
  8. Thank you for this elmor, hopefully I receive my R7 1700 + CH6 tomorrow when I Ryzen! .
  9. Added you access , I think I have found OTP , VR_Hot is evading me .
  10. I've had no issues sending i2c commands to Fury X via MSI AB . I've done voltage offset loop 1 & 2 (ie registers 8D and 8E), I've also played with the dual voltage offset (register 26). Why I think HWiNFO had issue with using i2c bus for monitoring is that the SMC keeps bus busy between it and IR3567B, sending one off command is different than constantly communicating with IR3567B IMO. If I do an i2cdump via MSI AB it takes ages compared with a Hawaii card, again as the dump process is constantly trying to use the i2c bus. If I use the read command for specific registers via MSI AB command line it is instantaneous read back. Only Unwinder on Guru3D has warned me against using i2c on Fury X due to SMC, but on The Stilt's instructions for a query I had on register 26 I used it, as he gave no warning I would think it's ok. I only send i2c commands when no monitoring in background/idling @ desktop.
  11. Buildzoid, MSI AB has an inbuilt i2c tool, via command line you can send register/data value you wish to set.
  12. deeper-blue Thanks for app creation . I would like to share some register data which I have collected:- i) some from testing myself. ii) some from ROM (VoltageObjectInfo) / i2cdump compares of various cards. iii) some from posts by The Stilt, Unwinder (author of MSI AB) and elmor/der8auer RX 480 ROM. Do you have any registers information besides ones in your app/my image? Cheers .
  13. Sweet result Elmor , many thanks for ROM shares .
  14. Firstly my apologies if double posting is not ok on forum :blush: . Fitted the Fury X last night, modded the cooling profile so AIO maintains =<55C, also upped PL to 297A / 330W / 330W (stock 270/300/300). So pretty much at stock clocks I'm near PL limits, currently as Martin Malik stated HWiNFO uses GPU's own telemetry info for values shown it's a clear indication of what "PowerTune" would use to assess when to apply limit,etc. Using VID as rough estimate of leakage I have DPM7 VID@1.250V (low leakage ASIC). Through some registers / i2cdumps gained on OCN I know of a member with Fury X has DPM7 VID@1.231V and another has as low as DPM7 VID@1.225V. So taking The Stilts info regarding Hawaii and GoldenDB VIDs in Fiji ROM I'd say the members with 1.231V & 1.225V will draw more A and hit "PowerTune" limit sooner / see effect more aggressively. What is VID for DPM 7 of your Fiji on stock ROM / clocks?
  15. Many thanks for these XA . Coming in handy for the Fiji bios mod I'm doing on OCN.
  16. Viewing your data and what I've picked up about "PowerTune" I would concur you're seeing FPS drop due to that. ASIC Profiling is going on in Fiji like Hawaii, ASIC profiling is used so a ROM does not have to be tailored to set VID per GPU. Besides other GPU properties it is based also on LeakageID. Now why LeakageID matters in the context of this thread IMO is:- Quote from link I believe I currently have a low leakage Fury Tri-X card (Fiji Pro), it has a VID of 1.243V for DPM 7. Viewing GoldenDB data in PowerPlay 1.250V is MAX VID a low leakage ASIC would have under EVV for stock setup. Only problem using VID to determine leakage is even 2 GPUs with identical LeakageID can have differing VID due to the other properties deeming it say good or bad ASIC within LeakageID bands. I can not elaborate further as it has taken me some time to wrap my mind around this stuff from when doing Hawaii bios mod. I will run similar test as you but don't have access to or know how to use electrical test equipment. Therefore my results would not have that data, could get some data via HWiNFO. I also have a Fury X (Fiji XT), not installed it yet, I have another being delivered tomorrow, I'm hoping both have differing VID for DPM 7 = differing leakage to the Fury Tri-X. So if they draw differing amps / watts under load due to leakage, using same clocks it may show as a FPS variance. Did you use FRAPS to get FPS data for Ungine Heaven or the in app results? Even though we can edit the 3 PowerLimit values of TDC (A) / TDP (W) / MPDL (W) in PowerPlay of ROM, I reckon the driver or something else is limiting card. Just like you and I have seen we can not set higher than 1.3V VID for a DPM in PowerPlay via ROM. Only solution which is working is to add a VDDC only offset to VRM controller in ROM in conjunction with VID mod in PowerPlay. I don't believe currently the "PowerTune" limit being encountered is due to also the VRM controller chip. For example values which I deem involved with OCP, etc in Fiji i2cdumps / VoltageObjectInfo of ROM are only slightly lower than Hawaii. For anyone interested or wishing to get involved in Fiji Bios mod use this link.
  17. @Pulse88 there are some bios mods I've investigated, I don't have card, so can't test. Some of the experience I gained from Hawaii bios modding has been applied to PowerPlay of Fury. I do not know if it will be of use to you but thought I'd mention it. You can see some of the things me and a few other members on a Guru3D thread discovered for Hawaii correlated in a thread on OCN. I have yet to look at the VRAM_Info table but for Hawaii we were able to take lower strap timings and add to higher strap to gain performance. It isn't much benefit but every little helps I guess, benefit can be upto 3%.
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