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  1. Thanks. CPU is maxed here (probably due to temperature), I think the motherboard has some more in it.
  2. this at full blast at 2.55 AM. guess by 10 minutes the popo will join the party too.
  3. damn, hwbot is becoming the new 9gag.
  4. I'm for doing one thing at a time, when I bench I bench, when I upload results I upload results.
  5. honestly I - and many others guys - couldn't care less about world record made with unreleased hardware, uber cherry picked stuff and obscure tools. back in the days when I looked at a world record made by oppainter, macci, hipro5, kingping etc. etc. I thought: "damn, this guys really knows his shit, look at how he modded that card". today, well, you know how the things are... I can buy the same card one of the PRO used to set a world record but I don't have the right bios, I don't have afterburner extreme, etc. etc. someone made a world record with this or that card but the average joe can't even think of doing something similar, so what's the point of advertise something as overclocking friendly and shit when you have to be a corporate guy in order to be able to fully unleash the power of the card? honestly, I'm still doing extreme overclocking because I get most of my overclocking gear for free, if it wasn't for this I wouldn't be here anymore. I'm flucking tired of spending money and not being able to compete fairly with everyone because I'm not from taiwan and I don't get any support from brands. JFYI here in Italy extreme overclocking is dead, all the sites that till 5 years ago were full of overclockers now are dead or are trying to convert themselves because none really care anymore about overclocking.
  6. we don't get new people into overclocking by showing them meaningless scores made with unreleased hardware or uber cherry picked samples. that's why normal people is loosing interest in following extreme overclocking. p.s. I think you misinterpreted what Iron said. he was saying that you two disagree on "people with more access to resources was there, is there and will be there". he thinks we should draw a line at some point while you think PROs have the right to be here and do what they do because they earned their position. he wasn't putting words in your mount.
  7. that ^ when I look at the PRO league I see exactly what overclocking is: a joke. average joes are not anymore interested in participating/following extreme overclocking because results made by the PROs are by no means replicable. just go read the comments about MOA, GOOC, etc. etc. in every non extreme overclocking related forum and see what people think of extreme overclocking. hwbot and the so-called-PROs alongside with the manufactures killed overclocking.
  8. "dmidecode" tells you everything you need about CPU (freq, vcore, ISA, cache, etc. etc.), RAM and motherboard. write a bash script to gather and print all the useful information should be dead easy. for example: [root@mafio-ltp public]$ dmidecode -t 4 # dmidecode 2.11 SMBIOS 2.6 present. Handle 0x0001, DMI type 4, 42 bytes Processor Information Socket Designation: CPU Type: Central Processor Family: Core i3 Manufacturer: Intel(R) Corporation ID: A7 06 02 00 FF FB EB BF Signature: Type 0, Family 6, Model 42, Stepping 7 Flags: FPU (Floating-point unit on-chip) VME (Virtual mode extension) DE (Debugging extension) PSE (Page size extension) TSC (Time stamp counter) MSR (Model specific registers) PAE (Physical address extension) MCE (Machine check exception) CX8 (CMPXCHG8 instruction supported) APIC (On-chip APIC hardware supported) SEP (Fast system call) MTRR (Memory type range registers) PGE (Page global enable) MCA (Machine check architecture) CMOV (Conditional move instruction supported) PAT (Page attribute table) PSE-36 (36-bit page size extension) CLFSH (CLFLUSH instruction supported) DS (Debug store) ACPI (ACPI supported) MMX (MMX technology supported) FXSR (FXSAVE and FXSTOR instructions supported) SSE (Streaming SIMD extensions) SSE2 (Streaming SIMD extensions 2) SS (Self-snoop) HTT (Multi-threading) TM (Thermal monitor supported) PBE (Pending break enabled) Version: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10GHz Voltage: 1.2 V External Clock: 100 MHz Max Speed: 2100 MHz Current Speed: 2100 MHz Status: Populated, Enabled Upgrade: ZIF Socket L1 Cache Handle: 0x0002 L2 Cache Handle: 0x0003 L3 Cache Handle: 0x0004 Serial Number: Not Supported by CPU Asset Tag: TBD By OEM Part Number: TBD By OEM Core Count: 2 Core Enabled: 2 Thread Count: 4 Characteristics: 64-bit capable
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