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  1. thanks guys, but I have to improve this score. I already know where is the problem
  2. Hi guys, I need to build an oc panel cable for my Maximus XI APEX, where can I buy the 2 connectors to connect on the mobo?
  3. richbastard don't wanna fix this bug. I wrote him so many times both in pvt and in public post into the forum, but nothing.
  4. @richba5tard I sent you some private messages, could you read it and reply me, please? I'm waiting for you almost half year.
  5. are you saying we can install xp on m10a with bios 1704? can we flash it with flashback? has it usb overcurrent fix? thanks
  6. @richba5tard I need your help, I wrote you in pvt and on FB as well.
  7. Hey Alex I'm interested to buy that I wrote you on fb
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