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  1. mori170

    mobo cleanup

    I take the UD3P Shipping cost to Slovenia?
  2. mori170

    mobo cleanup

    Do you know the max bclk for M3E and p45-ud3p?
  3. I take 2, 6 and 7. Let me know the shipping cost for these to Slovenia.
  4. Interested in the 980ti. How much would shipping be to Slovenia?
  5. I would take the IO shield then. Do you also happen to have the mPCIE combo II card and rog connect cable?
  6. @funsoul You are from US? In that case we can't make a deal because shipping and import tax will likely be 3x the price of oc panel. @all RAM kit bought, only need M6E accessoires.
  7. Version 1. How much do you want for it?
  8. I would like to buy a good DDR3 kit for benching haswell and all the accessories for the M6E (or atleast IO shield and OC panel). EU deals only. Thanks UPDATE: RAM kit bought
  9. How much is shipping for #3 to Slovenia? Thanks.
  10. mori170

    FS: Open Benchtable

    I changed my mind, I won't buy the table. GLWS
  11. mori170

    FS: Open Benchtable

    How much would shipping be to Slovenia? Thanks.
  12. Do you by any chance have some ram to go with 1. or 3. board?
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