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  1. mori170

    mobo cleanup

    I take the UD3P Shipping cost to Slovenia?
  2. mori170

    mobo cleanup

    Do you know the max bclk for M3E and p45-ud3p?
  3. I take 2, 6 and 7. Let me know the shipping cost for these to Slovenia.
  4. Interested in the 980ti. How much would shipping be to Slovenia?
  5. I would take the IO shield then. Do you also happen to have the mPCIE combo II card and rog connect cable?
  6. @funsoul You are from US? In that case we can't make a deal because shipping and import tax will likely be 3x the price of oc panel. @all RAM kit bought, only need M6E accessoires.
  7. Version 1. How much do you want for it?
  8. I would like to buy a good DDR3 kit for benching haswell and all the accessories for the M6E (or atleast IO shield and OC panel). EU deals only. Thanks UPDATE: RAM kit bought
  9. How much is shipping for #3 to Slovenia? Thanks.
  10. mori170

    FS: Open Benchtable

    I changed my mind, I won't buy the table. GLWS
  11. mori170

    FS: Open Benchtable

    How much would shipping be to Slovenia? Thanks.
  12. Do you by any chance have some ram to go with 1. or 3. board?
  13. mori170

    G3258, DDR3 RAM

    Looking for a good G3258 and decent DDR3 RAM, preferably 2x4GB.
  14. How well does the 4770k overclock?
  15. mori170

    [WTB] G3258

    Still looking...
  16. mori170

    [WTB] G3258

    Looking for a decent G3258 that can do 5GHz with ambient cooling.
  17. Please let me know when you have a price for the G3258.
  18. I'm taking the board. Payment will be made on friday.
  19. I might be interested if it's still available.
  20. I'm trying to submit a score for slowest GPUPI, but it detects my core 2 duo E8400 as a FX-7500. Any idea why?
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