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  1. Yes, on full Pot memory reaches sub 0 easy and my best B-DIE have problems at this temperature. So I made heater to keep temps around 10°C and everything is fine even after 4-5h full Pot
  2. You're already on the correct BIOS for good and tight memory setting. So you just need to find the best working setting for your memory. 32M Waza was a bitch, I think XTU should be must better and easier to find... I will send you my subs so you can give it a try
  3. Anybody also see significant difference between Z170 and Z270 binned memory? Just tested 4133 C12-11-11 tight binned on Z170 kit and it can barely run 4000 tight in 32M. Another binned kit is OK... so it feels like that some kits don't like new platform?
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