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  1. Yes, but nacho don't accept paypal
  2. non du tous je suis loin des 1.8v la carte run -120° max pour 1.55v j'ai pas test plus et j'ai un bios a test encore pll bloqué a 1.15v donc j'ai pas mal de chose avoir avant de pouvoir confirmé sa freq max encore ;)
  3. hello, i don't have this problem with my 3600x: vcore: 1.65v ratio cpu: 50 performance enhancer: level 3(oc) VDDG 1.15v, SOC 1.28v no cbb or almost full pot and no cb for my cpu with FCLK: 1533
  4. hello, activate this controller solder VCC, EN and PSI to 3.3V
  5. hello, powerboard dual output with gtx 780TI matrix The Matrix tool work 😉 Cut of the printed circuit and solder LN2 mod GPU: ASP1212 datasheet: http://www.irf.com/product-info/datasheets/data/pb-asp1212.pdf ONLY 3.3v MEM: Up1631p and IROG Black: 3.3V Red: 5V Vmod: OVG: 10K OVM: 50K enjoy
  6. i don't have a time for reply before i selling hardware i ask a facebook for video !! all purchase my hardware have a video before send the parcel !! noxinite no ! i send screenshot. the parcel is waranty 500€ he receved the parcel and but the delivery driver had signed for it himself i reimburse you when post office reimburse me but post office no because he accept the parcel https://www.noelshack.com/2019-09-1-1551127350-reclammr.png oh mister niuulh with your mafia club !!
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