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  1. http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1020436_marcolecorse_3dmark_vantage___performance_radeon_hd_5970_35682_marks score ist out of line 1000/1200 OC and 115 111 FPS hier http://hwbot.org/community/submission/976591_nanok_3dmark_vantage___performance_radeon_hd_5970_32501_marks this score is okay 1000/1200 101.5 fps 92 fps 33500 GPU Scores VS 38700 GPU scores?with same gpu clock and less cpu ???? hellooooooo out thereeeee
  2. yes have have done dumps upto 5930MHz i look after them on the HDD
  3. i couldnt hit coldbug it goes upto -185 without any problems CBB was at -140
  4. look you are nearing 1.9Vcore and its still scaling dont be afraid bro,kick 2V+ inside and you ll see the magic
  5. http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1069741 its just for rams they go so far under AIR
  6. you know,these rams are elpida hyper based but they just dont want to die its funny but i cannot kill them i have SPI32M stable 1100 Cas6 with 2.08V
  7. very good result but i have backup too it will be very interesting to compete with you miahallen today evening i will post my end results
  8. i had already posted 920 with 1.976V,it was couple of months ago i mean,if it scales,why not?
  9. thanks to all i am struggling right now for the last global points if i had 5870 it would add for me extra 100 globals as minimum i think money is the only breaking thing for me
  10. the score was done in the garage of my friend cpu is not mine.they got for me dewar and otterauge pot for LN2 as a rule i use only dice because of small pot and i dont have a dewar and guys wanted to look at live xtreme we did some speed clocking and there were no vgas so the only point breaking aktion to do would be for me the wprime because other benchmarks would gain me only 5-6 points for each 6ghz wasntthere guys it stopped at 236 bclk and valis are on the HDD in the garage i post them later doesnt matter either,they give me only few points
  11. of course high vcore doesnt kill cpu over 2.1V came OVP and thats all only way to kill nehalem IMC,to give 2.5+ Vdimm but cpu holds on up to OVP voltages
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