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  1. Will post setup pic when I re-run. Have more headroom for GPU. Guess if it's Better I delid It?
  2. xMec

    [UK-EU][Give away] graphics cards

    I take 295 if @Dragon_Soop skip
  3. Any mod screen available? Every screenshots on web are broken. The IC is ASP0907 but can't find neither the datasheet.
  4. Any cold slow bios for GTX 580 Reference 3GB Version??
  5. Up, does anyone know how to fix cold slow for evga hybrid 3gb gtx 580 with reference pcb? @TiN
  6. ehhehehe hard fight in extreme league :D Loving it! nice run!
  7. xMec

    Lightning275/ 8800GTX/ GPUs

    1 - 4 - 5 for me
  8. xMec

    [FS][DE/EU] - 16 different gpu ´s

    Ok you got PM
  9. xMec

    [FS][DE/EU] - 16 different gpu ´s

    11 / 12 / 14 to Italy price?
  10. xMec

    Some HW for sale

    you got pm
  11. xMec

    Some HW for sale

    Crosshair V Formula Z : Box / No bundle / sale with sempron 145 for socket protection ><Price : 80€ available?