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  1. Le tiens oui mais pas le miens 😛 Ca consomme un peu plus de 600w en water
  2. If someone is out of rules so let moderators do the job. I'm not pointing you directly btw. But read people get mad about sub time and calling other "douchebag" and so... What's the fuck, Can't people wait and behave ?
  3. Guys you seeriously have anger issues... In the end everyone post they best score so is someone get better score that mean he find good chip and work harden that others. If the Silver have truly made something that against rules i'll be the first to delete his scores. Otherwise cry about submit time and insult other people is really sad to read....
  4. I'm never come on the forum, but anytime i see him sell something i warn about it. IF Ziken answer he will play the victim and blame Noxinite like he always do. But yeah i don't think you have another option.. He don't have any shame at all, and i know him personnaly to say that sadly..
  5. @Noxinite Ziken is well known in France to scam people. He will play the victime and say everyone you are a noob and kill it.
  6. Thanks for thoses infos. Where can i find ME State in this BIOS please ?
  7. Final score doesn't scale that much on CPU frequency. Had a lot of issues with TIM that crack a lot so i focused at learning on the bahavior of GPU/RAM
  8. 0.9MHz more than me :( Guess i need to buy some FX so i'll stay in the first page haha
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