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  1. Final score doesn't scale that much on CPU frequency. Had a lot of issues with TIM that crack a lot so i focused at learning on the bahavior of GPU/RAM
  2. rm3113 is back with a solid ship !! Well done mate !
  3. 0.9MHz more than me :( Guess i need to buy some FX so i'll stay in the first page haha
  4. Thanks, it was like -110/-50 if i remember well
  5. Niuulh

    HWBOT ocesports Pro OC / Division 2018

    I get that, i'm talking about IGP from APU like previous years.
  6. Niuulh

    HWBOT ocesports Pro OC / Division 2018

    Nothing for Ryzen APU ? old division with FM2 APU was fun !
  7. Aoutch, seem like i need to bench it one more time, nice score :)