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  1. The "good thing" should be to ask and listen, not to impose what YOU think is best. IMO full core only benefit those who are close to brands cause they want to see "real" capabilities of ships. For all other it's just a huge loss of fun and money (as hw isn't expenssive enought...) Don't get me wrong, if users want full core i won't bitch about it at all. But if you do it anyway even seeing how the pool goes, that's cleary a shit move...
  2. No, it was dead, came from e-waste. I resolder memory pin to make it work again
  3. I can only compare to impact, the one i had. I think it's similar performance wise but soooooo much easier to bench. There was not a single water droplet after more that 8hours straight.
  4. E-Waste card, fighting with memory issues. Had to go positive température between each run
  5. Can't, motherboard is dead by now. But i can upload more result is you want to check things out
  6. Ahah ! Memory is fine, but this card came out of e-waste cause or artefact :p
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