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  1. E-Waste card, fighting with memory issues. Had to go positive température between each run
  2. Can't, motherboard is dead by now. But i can upload more result is you want to check things out
  3. Ahah ! Memory is fine, but this card came out of e-waste cause or artefact :p
  4. Yeah it's totally cpu related xD Guess this bench a little old now
  5. Seem he projecting his fault on me Still mad i kicked him out of my team when he scamed two members i guess
  6. Tu be fair it's not really an IGP. Vega die is separated from cpu die and have it's dedicaced HBM
  7. I'd like rookie for like 6/12 months then one league I think rookie league and rookie rumble is nice to have first small goals reachable wich is really motivating. I know i first register on hwbot cause of amd RR
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