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  1. E-Waste card, fighting with memory issues. Had to go positive température between each run
  2. Can't, motherboard is dead by now. But i can upload more result is you want to check things out
  3. Ahah ! Memory is fine, but this card came out of e-waste cause or artefact :p
  4. Yeah it's totally cpu related xD Guess this bench a little old now
  5. Seem he projecting his fault on me Still mad i kicked him out of my team when he scamed two members i guess
  6. Tu be fair it's not really an IGP. Vega die is separated from cpu die and have it's dedicaced HBM
  7. I'd like rookie for like 6/12 months then one league I think rookie league and rookie rumble is nice to have first small goals reachable wich is really motivating. I know i first register on hwbot cause of amd RR
  8. I don't have A0 no more. Will see how it goes with 5100c14-13. At least it'll give a comparative point
  9. Seasonal ranking is a good idea for the re-bench stuff you like more often. But IMO new rules that must be there to make it work kill the purpose of the database. A score is a score, no matter when we did it. Can't sub old scores or backups and have to do extra effort to screen new ones and risk to get them invalidate... I know put a background isn't hard, but there is just more thing likely to be forget. I know i often forget a cpu-z already... In the end it's just a lot of work for moderation and a frustration for users.
  10. Le tiens oui mais pas le miens 😛 Ca consomme un peu plus de 600w en water
  11. If someone is out of rules so let moderators do the job. I'm not pointing you directly btw. But read people get mad about sub time and calling other "douchebag" and so... What's the fuck, Can't people wait and behave ?
  12. Guys you seeriously have anger issues... In the end everyone post they best score so is someone get better score that mean he find good chip and work harden that others. If the Silver have truly made something that against rules i'll be the first to delete his scores. Otherwise cry about submit time and insult other people is really sad to read....
  13. I'm never come on the forum, but anytime i see him sell something i warn about it. IF Ziken answer he will play the victim and blame Noxinite like he always do. But yeah i don't think you have another option.. He don't have any shame at all, and i know him personnaly to say that sadly..
  14. @Noxinite Ziken is well known in France to scam people. He will play the victime and say everyone you are a noob and kill it.
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