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  1. Would it be possible to remove the hwbotrss feeds from the tapatalk "newest" search like it is removed from the new posts search in a browser?
  2. Sweet! It works fine here. Posting from tapatalk right now. Thanks!
  3. I seem to be getting horribly inaccurate voltage readings with the newest CPUz; just straight up crazy values. On an M6E + 4770K, 1.29V is read as 1.776V in CPUz. On an X79 Dark + 4960X, 1.41V is read as 1.016V. Both are measured with a multimeter. Obviously I'm used to small differences between software & DMM but this is way off. AI Suite III & ELEET, respectively, are reading what I would think software would read. So it seems to be platform-independent. Both are on Windows 7. Is anyone else seeing this?
  4. Well you did a stellar job. I can't imagine how long that would take me to put together.
  5. Ok, yea, that was awesome. Did you have multiple cameras or were you just really precise when switching positions? What equipment did you use?
  6. Yep! Newegg has the 4930K for $580 & 4960X for $1050. My 4960X ES (QF7Z) gets 4.6GHz stable at 1.4V loaded. I can't get it to boot or really even run benches at 4.8 GHz at up to 1.5V. I did manage a 5GHz validation once (for just long enough to hit F7 before it crashed). Anybody had better results than this on water? I feel like it's low, but maybe these just need extreme temperatures to do much of anything?
  7. FWIW, I've never had a vendor ask to read a review before it publishes. Some of them are very.....emphatic...about getting their message across to you before you write it, but they've never tried to see the review before it went live. We give them the right to correct any errors or respond to the review, but they have no control over its content. Additionally - and counterintuitively - both G.Skill and ADATA, to their credit, were very gracious in their receipt of less than stellar reviews of their flagship products. Hey, I said the same thing darnit! Ok, fine, I said it with a lot more words than you did. :nana:
  8. Nope, it didn't.....but it's really expensive! Doesn't that mean it's one-three-three-seven, or whatever you whipper snappers are calling good stuff these days?
  9. I'll sell you guys a kit that'll do 3200 / 13-15-15-36 for benching for only $1,499.99! Save $1,000.00! Today only!!
  10. I haven't been able to test these yet (board RMA), but I've got a kit that looks to be fun and should have much better performance per dollar.
  11. Rofl, I think that may fall under 'false advertising'. I don't even have a RAM pot to try and pretend I'm you.
  12. Does. Not. Compute. Text: Let's set aside the fact that the performance doesn't justify $1,000, let alone $2,000, but the reviewer is saying that the sticks, as tested, should cost half of what they are charging....and it still gets a 9.6 & Editor's Choice. Heh, I think it's safe to say nobody else is going to be sending me any single-sided MFR kits, so you won't see one of these at Overclockers. EDIT - Hahaha...from the comments it appears Newegg says you can save eight grand by buying from them! The jokes just keep rolling in this morning. The first (and only) Newegg review is priceless too. I'll post it here in case it gets deleted. Hahahahaha!
  13. Cover of the brand new Dream Theater song, The Enemy Inside. Not sure if he's subscribed or not, but Ronaldo, these guys are Brazilian and play live on occasion. Oh, and they're amazingly talented too.
  14. Thanks! It's a Canon EOS T3 with the kit lens (18-55mm, f/3.5-5.6) (link) and my ghetto fabulous lighting setup, seen here.
  15. This thread needs moar pics, and I've been having fun with a new camera...so here you go. Great looking little Impact. Extra sexy Darkness.
  16. From the conclusion, which also hails the packaging for, you know, protecting the modules: What? Unless you have a godly IMC + CPU, it hurts CPU overclocking. At the very least, it will require lower cache speeds. I think "competitive performance with modules at other price points" ....well, I don't even know what to think about that. Yes, thank you, captain obvious. It competes with modules at other price points. Now I can die happy after learning such a wonderful piece of wisdom. What kills me though is that the meaningless award this kit received at HH was literally the least fitting award they could give this kit: "Hardwareheaven Performance Award". EDIT - You're also quite right about the overclocking section. No screenshot, not even a validation. Who gave these guys the keys to a review site? Go home hardwareheaven, you're drunk.
  17. Thanks! That they have that kind of reaction garners a lot of respect from me (and the community) too. There are definitely other companies and individuals in PR teams out there that wouldn't have a reaction like that. Not so with G.Skill. My contact even responded positively when I gave him the 'bad' news. Good folks to work with.
  18. I don't understand that either. He didn't even mention as a Con that it doesn't perform as well as MUCH cheaper competing kits. He did mention it, but not in the "cons" section, and dismissed it right after he mentioned it. Odd.
  19. Huh; maybe I'm more paranoid than I need to be. Thanks for sharing your experiences guys.
  20. Aren't you guys worried about your IMC at ~2V+ on air? I'm paranoid about that kind of thing. The max I've put through a Haswell IMC is 1.85V with the CPU on water. Can you degrade an IMC like that or am I being paranoid about nothing?
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