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  1. The readout was from precision x overlay
  2. Price drop to £25 for quick sale
  3. EDIT: Now £25 ----- £30 for both ram sticks (paypal) Some heatspreader fins are bent and the red paint is chipped (see photos below) One stick is 2133mhz (C9) and the other is 2000mhz (C8), both are v7.1 (PSC chips). I had to send them to someone else for max overclock testing as I didn't have a platform that could push the ram's to their max. Quickly binned in dual channel. The person that was testing them for me got 2400 7-11-7-28 1T at 1.82v set in bios, however I can't guarantee that its able to hit that speed as i haven't tested them at such high speed myself. On P45 chipset (socket 775, limiting memory controller) I was running them at 6-9-6-20 72 1960mhz.
  4. Yes it is totaly possibe to get higher speed, but you should delid before you even thing of using a water chiller. You could probably get 5ghz easily with a water chiller. It costs quite a lot to set one up considering the temp drop . You're better off buying single stage phase cooling which is much lower temp than chiller, and will allow you to go much higher in cpu ghz. Delliding can drop the temps by as much as 8c with the same cooling, so consider doing that first. There are delidding tools available that let you delid the cpu risk free. You can do it using a blade which is like $0.20 which is a cheaper option but you will be risking damaging the cpu. at that voltage, no. That is actually very decent for an aio
  5. Just checking how much they would be worth 2 sticks, one 2000c8 and the other 2166c9 V7.1 ran with both sticks inserted in the same channel 2400c7 @1.82v in bios
  6. If he just simply joined separate rails together, then its not quite single rail. In reality each rail will have slightly different voltage, and thus the rail with the highest voltage will feed the component (eg. gpu) until that rail drops in voltage due to stress and goes down to the voltage level of the other rail that's when the other rail starts to get used. It might trigger OCP, since this isn't true single rail. Im also not sure how well psus respond to one rail backfeeding another due to one having higher voltage than another. Edit: thinking about it im preety sure psu manufactures have that covered and use diodes etc. to prevent that from happening
  7. How much would you estimate this e8400 to be worth? all results done on water. http://i.imgur.com/5MahatF.png
  8. http://hwbot.org/submission/3176207_tx_oc_superpi___1m_core_2_duo_e8400_8sec_843ms would putting the rad outside my window count as "extreme" I think its a very bad idea to put water cooling into the extreme category. Pushing water cooling to its limits does not make the cooling extreme. water cooling was never designed to be extreme in the first place edit: even the more innovative ways of using water to cool the cpu such as garden hose cooling should still count as water cooling and not be classed under extreme, otherwise this sub would make me extreme overclocker, which many people will agree im far from http://hwbot.org/submission/3141968_tx_oc_wprime___32m_core_2_duo_e8400_14sec_297ms
  9. "Introduction of "cooling points"." idea sounds very intresting I only bench on water, it would be nice if there were cooling points so that when i have a result that is very good for ambient but not very good overall due to many people using ln2 on that particular cpu I get extra points for being good on ambient cooling
  10. The default voltage is not programmed into the bios. Each CPU has their default voltage (known as VID) set during the manufacturing process, as intel bins each cpu. CPU's which require less volts for stock clocks will have lower VID than the ones which require more voltage for the stock clocks. That's why you can have 2 cpus which are indentical and have the same batch and revision number yet they have different default voltage.
  11. So that was the reason hwbot prime wasn't launching for me...
  12. Nice one luumi. i see that the java trick is playing along nicely
  13. Running single channel wouldn't take that much points off. I think he was throttling
  14. Awesome idea, I'm interested in how heat transfer capabilities are like compared to the stock IHS. Waiting for results Tip: next time don't use comic sans font, Its horrible
  15. I have volunteered in a place similar to this
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