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  1. and here i am thinking i'm cool benching without 3 of my fingers not in working order.
  2. wesjuhdabomb, there is nothing to point out in the score, it's just against rules for team members to share hardware with other team members, you've got to at least sell it to them. Lending of hardware is explicitly forbidden in the OC League rules, especially among team members. I don't know where hybridchiller gets his info about this submission, just stating the facts on hardware sharing.
  3. Amazing. Simply amazing, LHe is some good stuff, and bulldozer seems have some serious horsepower under the hood.
  4. i can't wait for this thing.. ln2 is a waste with my current x58 board.
  5. Glad to see you back in the top 10. As one of my idols in the bench world, it's good to see you back
  6. jeez, formula is not getting the attention is deserves. 100$ less than any other board in that BCLK range. Thanks for showing me it's not just 980x's that rock on this board.
  7. a lot of work keeping all those pots filled. He's gonna need shamino AND another assistant to keep all the LN2 flowing
  8. ok, i know what i'm doing with otternase pot and my dewar for my netburst chips, and hopefully a clarkbar pretty soon.
  9. i like how you run the hose right to the pot.. is there a phase seperator on the end of it, or just pouring straight. My dewar could do this, and seems like a great way to bench chips without CBs
  10. on only dice and only (hah) a bloodrage, phenomenal. I love to see records not getting owned exclusively by classifieds.
  11. could someone please add the intel T3000 to the list of processors? Here's a CPU-Z of the chip: http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=603749
  12. The way i see this, it may be called F1, but that's not really what is happening at all. Look at an f1 car and say it looks like a normal car. However, look at the hardware and all you see is normal hardware. Some people are sponsored, some are not. The most exotic stuff you get is ES parts, which really ultimately reminds me of an entirely different type of racing. That type of racing is Grand Prix. This event in no way resembles F1, it is pure grand prix style, with companies promoting their actual PRODUCTION products by suping them up. When you look at a grand prix car, you know exac
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