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  1. Windows are full of backs, I do not like updates of Win10. Because score in win7 and win10 I had very similar for Cinebench...
  2. ok, we are close to launch...AMD must celebrating because it is 7nm 27th May AMD will demonstrated something interesting at Keyonote. It is more than clear, we will see more than 8 cores for mainstream desktop. We know, there are last samples based on new B revision and with up to 16C/32T. Still AM4 socket. But more important are CPUs with less than 16C on the start We know details about chipset https://www.hkepc.com/17968/ IPC could be very solid, propably similar (or better clock to clock) as Core 9th gen!
  3. Bála, but fór daily usage Is better than first one, the first was ale to do 4950MHz R15, not more 😀
  4. Thank you for tip, I will try it. And yes, is it as u wrote. Classic values values doesn't helped me. It was playing with different bandwidths, pll core and termination voltages to change CB. RSVD also not worked fine in my case.
  5. I never thought, I will be finding Microns on DDR4 :)...Awesome result!
  6. I sold one, first one was worse than this...No I need money for new Ryzen, so I must be "fine" with this CB guy :). At least, 5 GHz AIO is stable for 30minutes (without AVX). MAx R15 5150 MHz on AIO.
  7. Wow, nice! I need find some days only for OC also and retest few older CpUs... But first 9900k,2920X and rebench 2700X and 2600X
  8. Yes, its same as on my side I got 6 GHz validation, but benchamrks were much lower...
  9. awesome! rteally close to 4min, maybe 2021 year could broken 4min or very good sample of Comet Lake in 2020.
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